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Preparation for Adulthood

Preparation for Adulthood is a course with two pathways tailored to meet the educational and support needs of Pre-Entry and Entry Level Learners.

The aim of the course is for learners to achieve their potential in life and work. Pathway A focuses on Independent Living and Community Inclusion and Pathway B focuses on Further Education and Employment.

Preparation for Adulthood is a Supported Learning course of one or two years, specially tailored to meet the educational and support needs of Pre-Entry and Entry Level learners. Preparation for Adulthood has two pathways to support students in achieving their potential in life and work. All supported learning students aged 16-18 follow a Preparation for Adulthood programme beginning with an assessment to determine the individual outcome for the programme.

The programme covers the four outcomes that young people with disabilities have said are important to them: Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Good Health.

Pathway A focuses on developing students’ independence and building confidence. Personal and social development is key to building successful relationships with others, both in the community and in the workplace. We focus on developing the personal skills needed for living with increasing independence and getting ready for employment. The course nurtures personal development and helps to develop independence by adding more and more skills needed in day-to-day life.

Pathway B focuses on supporting students into Further Education and employment as well as developing skills for independent living and community involvement. Students on Pathway B choose vocational options from a choice, including bike maintenance, woodwork, catering, business administration, ITC, art and conservation. Students develop employability skills through these options and these options can be extended to work experience in one of these areas.

All students follow a curriculum that offers opportunities to work on personal and social development throughout the course. The course is enriched by a variety of activities, workshops, educational visits and a residential trip.

All students will have a work experience opportunity to develop skills for future employment and contributing to society. Students are supported in opportunities to integrate with mainstream students in sessions such as PE, and when using the college facilities such as the shop, food hall, the liberty centre and workshops.

Enrichment activities are offered one afternoon per week including sports, arts and crafts, performing arts and swimming.

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Sep 2022 : North Devon : Full-time
Course Code : FTB300 (2022)
Level : Entry Level
Duration : 1 Year
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Sep 2022 : Mid Devon : Full-time
Course Code : FTT067 (2022)
Level : Entry Level
Duration : 1 Year
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Students work towards internal certificates and may also work towards external Pre-Entry and Entry Level qualifications, as appropriate to the individual. Maths and English will be embedded across the curriculum and students progress through their appropriate levels whether that is Entry Level or Functional Skills. Students will be supported by their usual way of working for their assessments.

All students will work on a portfolio evidencing their weekly progress towards their individual learning plan.

If a student has not achieved GCSE Maths and/or English at grade 3/2 or above, they will retake these exams alongside Preparation to Adulthood.

Entry Requirements

For all learners joining Entry Level Study Programmes, there are no formal entry requirements, however you will have a one-to-one interview to discuss your personal learning needs. You will also be required to study English and Maths at an appropriate level to suit your ability.

There are no entry qualifications required for Preparation for Adulthood.

For Pathway B there is a requirement that students have the independence skills to travel independently to college and within the community.


Students progress towards further education, employment, independent living and participation in the community. Students are assessed at the end of each year to determine the most appropriate pathway for the following year. This may include a second year on their existing pathway or moving to a different one, as determined by their progress. This pathway could lead to progression onto a mainstream Level 1 study programme or onto an adult internship programme to pursue the goal of employment. The college has a variety of routes to work taking a variety of forms, for example, Project Search at North Devon District Hospital, Petroc supported Internships, or with external organisations such as Calvert Trust or Joshua Tree Devon County Council.

Students who are 19+ and assessed as needing further education to develop their employability and work skills, may move onto the Progression into Adulthood course. Students will need an Education Health and Care Plan issued by their Local Education Authority for the course fees to be paid on this course.

Nationally, a larger number of HN and SLDD learners are achieving employment. The national average for employment for those with LDD is 7%, for Devon it is 4%. Some of the college projects are very successful and have achieved in excess of 90% employment outcomes. The target is to place 50% or more of those learners who are able to, into paid employment on leaving.

Those students who will not be able to access employment will move into the community provision via supported living and day care opportunities, for example, with Living Homes or Abbey Gateway.

For students whose formal education comes to an end, there will signposting to other agencies for support and guidance.

Facilities and resources

Students on the Preparation for Adulthood course will be based in the Supported Learning Department at Petroc. All students will have a ‘base room’ within the department where they meet each morning and can socialise at break and lunchtimes with the support of Learning Support Assistants. The Supported Learning Department is set back from the main college block and students have their own entrance including access for cars, taxis and minibuses to drop off and pick up.

We provide purpose-built centres at both our campuses with resources including the Liberty and Exe Cafés, commercial kitchens, fitness suites, craft and furniture restoration workshops and a training flat. The cafés are staffed by Petroc students and extends from daily wholesome lunches and delicious cakes to door-to-door snacks and drink services throughout the college. Within the department, there is a Roundhouse, physiotherapy and personal care room, art room, training and catering kitchens, and bathroom facilities. Students on Preparation for Adulthood are encouraged to use the main food hall and student shop with support, as appropriate, and participate in the cross-college cultural and enrichment activities.

Study Programme

Every full-time student at Petroc will have their own Study Programme which will include:

– Your academic or vocational qualification.

– Maths and English Language development – if you have not achieved GCSE grade 4 in either of these subjects.

– Work Experience – hours will vary depending on your qualification and course level.

– Tutor Support – to support your personal, academic and professional development.

– Sustainability – helping you to identify how you can improve the sustainability of your future employment sectors.

– Personal Development Awards – developing six key areas of personal and employability behaviours to prepare you for the working world.

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Staring Date : 12/09/2022
Course Code : FTB300 (2022) North Devon campus, Mid Devon campus Apply
Staring Date : 12/09/2022
Course Code : FTT067 (2022) North Devon campus, Mid Devon campus Apply

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