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Prevent Duty and Its Importance in Society (CPD)

This qualification is aimed at anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the Prevent Duty and its role and importance in society. You will gain an understanding of why Prevent is necessary, its connection to British values, and how to recognise and protect individuals from radicalisation and extremism. This official CPD course is perfect for an introduction to a subject or a subject refresher.

Units covered in this programme include:

1) The Prevent duty and its importance in society.
– Prevent and CONTEST
– Aims of the Prevent duty
– Why Prevent is necessary
– The threat of terrorism
– British Values
– The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015

2) Defining and exploring the warning signs of radicalisation and extremism.
– Radicalisation, terrorism and extremism
– Terrorist attacks
– Factors which make individuals susceptible to radicalisation
– Warning signs that an individual may be becoming radicalised adults, children and young people

3) Keeping individuals safe from extremism and radicalisation.
– Internal factors
– External factors
– The legal requirements made for organisation bodies regarding individuals who may be radicalised
– Higher Education institutions
– The Police
– Local authorities
– Schools and registered childcare providers
– Healthcare providers
– The criminal justice system
– Actions to be taken if there are concerns that an individual or group is at risk from radicalisation
– The Channel programme
– Need for agencies to share information in relation to concerns about vulnerable individuals
– Methods extremist groups use to encourage people to adopt their beliefs and/or engage in criminal activity
– Radicalisation in person and online
– Ways in which extremist groups engage in criminal activity
– Concealing terrorist funded activity
– Warning signs of criminal activity
– Phases of a terrorist act

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Anytime from Aug 2021 : Distance Learning : Part-time
Course Code : SHCX0118/21/AF
Level : Level 1
Duration : 4 Hours

Cost : Total Fee £30

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This course will be automatically assessed online and you will receive an e-certificate upon completion.


After completing this course, you may wish to study our CPD Safeguarding Adults and Children (CPD Certified).

Facilities and resources

You will need access to the internet.

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Staring Date : 01/08/2021
Course Code : SHCX0118/21/AF Distance Learning Apply

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