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RSL Music Performance (Subsidiary/Extended Diploma)

The Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (first year) and Extended Diploma (second year) for Music Practitioners provide music industry qualifications that will equip you with the skills knowledge and understanding for entry to employment in the music industry or progression to further study at a higher level.

Throughout the first year of this RSL Music Performance course, you will complete a Subsidiary Diploma before moving onto an extended diploma in the second year. For the Performance pathway, you will develop your skills and understanding of musicianship, repertoire, rehearsal, promotion and live/recorded performance.

Throughout the two years you will:
– Perform effectively on your instrument/voice
– Rehearse and display musicianship skills
– Initiate and develop repertoire
– Rehearse effectively and perform music live
– Understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry
– Understand relevant aspects of music technology

Throughout the two years, you will cover units such as:
– Rehearsal Skills and Live Music Performance
– Session Musician
– Lead Performer
– Music Performance to Camera
– Practical Musicianship
– Composing Collaboration and Recorded Music Performance
– Music Improvisation
– Auditioning For Music
– Improving Instrumental Performance
– Practical Harmony Application
– Using a Keyboard with a DAW
– Planning a Career in Music
– Music promotion

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Sep 2022 : Brannams : Full-time
Course Code : FTB089 (2022)
Level : Level 3
Duration : 2 Years
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These qualifications focus upon the recognition and achievement through practical skills whilst following the Performance pathway.

In the first year you will take one externally assessed core unit (Rehearsal and Performance) and one internally assessed core unit (Planning a career in Music). All the other units that make up the first year will be a combination of units that will give you 90 credits to complete the Subsidiary Diploma. In the second year you will take one externally assessed core unit (Composing Collaboration and Recorded Performance) with the remaining units making up 180 credits overall to complete the Extended Diploma.

External Assessments

You must undertake external assessments in the form of a task based controlled assessment. These will be assignments that are set by Industry practitioners and marked by RSL. The assignments provide the opportunity for you to demonstrate and integrate your knowledge, understanding and skills from across your area of study. They will also enable you to develop study skills and to underpin practical skills with core knowledge and understanding.

Internal Assessments

All other units will be internally assessed through coursework (preparation and production, research, written assignments, log keeping, discussion and evaluation) and there are no exams. Over two years you will compile a portfolio of coursework. This coursework is all marked by our lecturers and a sample of units will be externally verified and moderated by RSL. Our assessments are graded within four bands, these being Unclassified, Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Within assessments you may be required to work alone or in small groups and your Lecturers will identify appropriate opportunities for collaboration to take place. Assignments have been designed to enable collaboration and team work will be encouraged so that all participants are actively involved in each stage of the production progress and you are able to work in co-operation towards a shred end. Individually you will need to provide your own personal response for assessment that can be identified, authenticated and evidenced. When assessed activity occurs in groups, assessment will be carried out on the individual and your contribution to group work.

Entry Requirements

To be accepted onto a Level 3 programme, you must hold at least five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including GCSE Maths and English language.

English and Maths GCSE grade C/4 or above are essential. GCSE Music is desirable or equivalent experience such as Grade Music exams or performance experience.


Upon successful completion of this course, you may wish to move on to further education or full-time employment.

Facilities and resources

As part of your study programme, you will have access to our 800 capacity live music venue, sound-proof rehearsal booths, iMac computer suites boasting the latest DAW technology and our state of the art recording studio. In addition to this, you have access to a wide range of live equipment ranging from analogue/digital mixing/recording desks, lighting desks, and a comprehensive selection of synth and music technology toys for live and recording-based music production.

Study Programme

Every full-time student at Petroc will have their own Study Programme which will include:

– Your academic or vocational qualification.

– Maths and English Language development – if you have not achieved GCSE grade 4 in either of these subjects.

– Work Experience – hours will vary depending on your qualification and course level.

– Tutor Support – to support your personal, academic and professional development.

– Sustainability – helping you to identify how you can improve the sustainability of your future employment sectors.

– Personal Development Awards – developing six key areas of personal and employability behaviours to prepare you for the working world.

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Staring Date : 12/09/2022
Course Code : FTB089 (2022) Brannams campus Apply

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