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Offering opportunities to pursue inspiring careers in education and childhood development.

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The early years are among the most significant in every life and it’s often thought a privilege to be involved in shaping them. A wide range of academic and practical teaching courses at Petroc offer opportunities to pursue inspiring careers in education and childhood development more broadly.

The faculty offers entry-level, certificated courses and Access to Higher Education diplomas in teaching and early years development. As a starting point, they open possibilities in education and lead naturally on to one of two foundation degrees and a BA (Hons).

Studying childhood and learning could set you on a path toward teaching at any level, further research, or social care and related occupations. Generous openings exist throughout education as government recruitment targets continue to be missed by as much as 15% overall. The rewards of careers in these areas are well beyond the monetary, giving a generous payback in personal and professional development.

I think the highlight for me has been realising my potential to achieve a new career and understand I’m not too old to start again.


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Why Petroc should be your first choice

Petroc offers high quality education and training across North and Mid Devon. We provide outstanding learning, excellent facilities, strong connections to employers and a supportive environment to help you fulfil your education goals and set you on your path to the career of your dreams.

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We offer a supportive and inclusive environment where you can flourish and feel a valued member of the college and wider community. 


Our teaching spaces and facilities are some of the best in the region, providing stimulating and true-to-life learning environments. 


We’ll provide you with the experiences you need to be ready for employment or the next step on your educational journey.