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Want a cost-effective hiring and training solution?

At Petroc, we work with over 400 local employers in a wide range of industries to deliver successful apprenticeship programmes and industry placements. 

We'll talk to you about your business needs and discuss the opportunities available. We can also guide you through the recruitment process, help you create and deliver your programme, and advise of any Government funding available to you.

To find out more about the opportunities available, contact our team today!

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For individuals to earn while they learn, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role.

Develop a loyal workforce with future-ready skills.
Provide cost-effective hiring and training solutions.
Improve job satisfaction and retention.
Boost productivity and motivation.
Train new staff in company-specific skills, processes, technologies and cultures.
Fill skill gaps, and future-proof your business.
Last between 1 and 4 years.
Available to individuals aged 16+
Perfect for new recruits or existing employees.


Enabling T Level students to apply classroom theory to the workplace.

80% classroom learning and 20% on-the-job experience.
Take place over 315 hours (approx. 45 days).
Taken as a block of time or as individual days.
Provides support for growing teams.
Opportunity for existing staff to gain mentoring skills.
Opportunity to tap into up-to-date learning.
Inspiring the next generation to work in your industry.
Demonstrates a commitment to diversity.
Generally, T Level work placements are unpaid.
"Toby became a real part of the team during his placement and was willing to try anything that we gave him. We all miss him and wish him the very best for his future."