When: Saturday, 17th March 2018 10:00 AM
Campus: North Devon

Open Day - North Devon Campus

Think you know all about Petroc? Think again!

We now deliver over 800 different qualifications: A-levels, diplomas, apprenticeships, degrees, professional qualifications, distance learning, recreational courses… the list is endless!

This event is the perfect opportunity to come along and ask about our courses and look around all our new facilities, including the multimillion-pound Lifestyle and Tourism Centre and the Engineering Centre of Excellence.

Take the time to explore our campus, speak to our knowledgeable tutors and lecturers and relax in our onsite Costa Coffee.

We look forward to welcoming you. Our friendly teams will be here from 10am until 2pm.

Don’t forget to register online prior to the event.

Onsite Activities

Health & Social Care

First Aid demonstrations and Risk Assessment scenarios. Learn how to check blood pressure and watch a video about our Care Academy.

Time Sensitive: 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 13.30pm

Travel & Tourism

Experience life as cabin crew in our onsite fuselage.

Time Sensitive: 10.00am, 11.00am, 12.00pm

Education and Childcare

Supportive learning activities including number bonds, follow me cards and making a visual timetable.

Animal Care
  • Animal Centre tours
  • Basic animal First Aid demonstrations and Resucidog.

Time Sensitive: 10.00am, 11.00am, 12.00pm

Hair & Beauty
  • Ground floor tours.
  • Makeup consultations and Level 2 Media Makeup course information.
  • Soft hands treatment or consultation and Level 2 Beauty & Nails course information
  • Skin consultations and Level 3 Beauty & Complementary Therapy course information
  • Hair consultations/Hair & Barbering course information
Supported Learning

Make smoothies and play Boccia.

Hospitality & Catering
  • We will be selling speciality Barista coffees and pastries.
  • Be creative with desserts; explore finishing techniques for three classical desserts.
  • Flambé demonstrations.
Foundation Learning
  • Build your own bridge.
  • Creative writing.
  • Balloon race.
Outdoor Adventure

Have a go at ‘Climbing’ – challenge yourself for the first time or take on one of our different difficulty wall climbs.

  • Shoot the Hoop’ Challenge.
  • Reaction Time Wall Challenge.
Sports Academies/Active Studies
  • Indo Board Challenge.
  • Test your reactions with the Batak.

Static 500m Rowing Challenge.

Personal Training

Meet our student Personal Trainers and test your arm strength on our hand grip dynamometer.

Sports Massage

Neck massage taster.

Public Services

Come and meet our Public Services staff and students and have a look at what Public Services courses have to offer and take part in a fun quiz.

Active Inside & Out

See what our Active Inside and Out has to offer and take a look around our Fitness Centre.

A-Level Masterclass Seminars

Exclusive masterclass for A-level applicants (invitation only).

Time Sensitive: 11.00am - 2.00pm

A-Level Information and guidance

Come and talk to us about our range of subjects, A-level choices and your career options.

  • Open gallery.
  • Printing press: have a go at printing your name/own design.
Film Screening
Crime Scene

An interactive crime scene focussing on psychological, legal and forensic considerations of modern crime and crime prevention.

10.45am for 11.00am screening

Public Policy and History

A series of interactive games and activities designed to show how both the past and current social science disciplines intertwine with the modern world.

Philosophy of Religion/Religious studies

Philosophical games to test the mind.

GCSE Maths
  • Classroom Countdown.
  • Personal finance.
GCSE English

Working with Creative Media to write and create comic strips.

Adult Maths/English
  • Quizzes.
  • Short stories.
  • Spot the spelling mistake.
Foundation Maths & English

Family Countdown.


DIY experiments with everyday materials.

Music/Performing Arts
An hour of each subject –
Performing Arts/Dance/Music
10-10:55am C China & 11-11:55am Drama L Baxendale
Performance/Music Technology
12-2pm L Thommen / B Bailey J Bangham
Language & Communications (inc. English)

Languages: café/shop scenario OR learn 10 simple phrases in each language to help you get by on holiday.

A-Level Social Sciences

Get a great overview of this diverse range of subjects - speak to subject specialists and chat about how to combine subjects.

Creative Digital Media

A fun introduction to filming - come and see the work students have produced.

Architecture, Construction & the Built Environment

Undertake one of our fun activities, including building mini structures, and develop your surveying skills with use of our Total Station. Find out how you can be part of exciting future developments within this fast-paced industry.

Business Administration

An opportunity to test your business acumen – come and take the logo quiz. Take part in our team building activities and if you have a business idea come and pitch and be tested by our own set of 'Dragons'.

Engineering & Manufacturing

An opportunity to discover the principles of innovation and design with a hands-on experience of engineering.

IT & Digital Technology

Think you can code? Come and find out how you can turn this interest into a career and join us in an introduction to the fastest growing industry to learn more.

Automotive Industries

Get involved in tasks such as welding and repairing a panel and you will also have the opportunity to spray a panel in the booth. In the vehicle workshop you will complete some routine vehicle maintenance tasks such as changing a tyre, checking a vehicle for serviceability and dismantling vehicle components. Ask questions about careers and the apprenticeship programmes available.

Construction: Painting and Decorating

Complete our decorating challenge that will include paint application, wallpapering and those hidden industry skills that professionals use every day.

Wood Occupations

Take the opportunity to use a range of materials and build a small working model of a helpful chalkboard. You will also get the opportunity to look at modern methods of construction and machinery used for timber technology.

Trowel Trades

Learn about lime Rendering techniques to old traditional backgrounds and Laying bricks to a line and mortar rolling techniques.

Electrical Installations

Can you build a lighting curcuit, can you connect switches in sequence? Come along and challenge yourself in this fun activity and test your friends and family. You will also get the chance to look at all of our opperational systems in our state-of-the-art workshop.


Have a go at jointing materials commonly used within Plumbing and Mechnical Engineering and put them through our industry pressure tester. You will also have the opportunity to study our oppertational systems and identify components.

Accounting & Business Management

If you are interested in a career in Accounting, Human Resources, Law or Management, come and speak to us. We can provide advice on the range of options available to you. Courses are available from Level 2 through to Higher Education. So whether you are aspiring to a career in business or already established and wanting to develop your existing skills, we have something for you.

LHTS Apprenticeships

Meet our specialist knowledgable team and complete our Apprenticeship Quiz and consider the fantastic range of opportunities within Apprenticeships, up to and including higher-level study. Find out how you can maximize your skills and become the industry leaders of the future.

Still got some questions?

If you have some unanswered questions, have a look at our Frequently asked questions. If you have been there already contact our Advice and Guidance Centre.

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