Information for current students

Returning to college in September

We want to assure you that we are working hard to plan your return to Petroc in September. With the guidelines around social distancing and the reopening of schools and colleges under constant review, we can’t yet confirm the specifics of your timetable, but we can share with you our September commitment. In September we will provide you with:

  • your personalised learning programme
  • small learning groups
  • ​rich, interactive, online resources for learning to enhance your classroom learning
  • ​access to outstanding facilities 
  • ​one-to-one tutor support
  • ​support for English and Maths with a dedicated learning team
  • ​access to a wide range of student support services – including health and wellbeing, finance and travel

We will also ensure your safety and welfare and have a robust risk assessment in place to make sure all our students and staff will be protected within the college environment.

For any advice and guidance, please email us or call us on 01271 852422, as you will be unable to access the college sites until the beginning of term.


Year 3 Study

Some students can't wait to head off to university, start work, or take a gap year when they are 18, but for others, an extra year at home whilst further developing their skills, is a welcome opportunity. You may not be aware that all 16-18 year olds are entitled to three years’ worth of funding to gain further education qualifications. Petroc is pleased to be offering a range of one-year courses ​specifically designed to make the most of this third year of funding. These courses are suitable if you have completed yout two-year Level 3 qualification and would like to gain additional skills and qualifications. Find out more.



Apprentices will continue to be supported in developing their knowledge through online learning and assessment. We are advising that apprentices use any break in learning to continue studying towards their occupational standard. For more information, please read the full-time learner FAQs or view the updates on our apprenticeship page.


Access to Higher Education and Higher Education

Petroc is working closely with Awarding Bodies and the University of Plymouth to ensure we inform students of and support them with any changes to regulations. Plymouth University will be publishing new guidelines regarding the number of credits a student can re-sit, and we will get the information to you as soon as we can. Please see below for links to further information:


Exams and Results


OFQUAL have now issued national guidelines on how qualifications will be graded and awarded in Summer 2020, click here for the the latest details. 

This process will involve a national standardisation process organised through the awarding bodies, to ensure it is a fair system, and the process is not likely to be completed until the end of the summer term.
Petroc will consider OFQUAL guidelines in detail, and be in contact in the summer term with further information and to answer any questions and queries you may have.


All courses which are due to be certificated this summer fall into one of three categories:


Calculated Assessment Grades:

In line with Ofqual guidance staff at Petroc have been working hard to submit Calculated Assessment Grades (CAGs) to the various awarding bodies.  The majority of this work has been completed and the awarding bodies will now complete their standardisation process before results are issued in August. Qualifications where calculated grades may be awarded include:

  • A-level
  • GCSE
  • Access to HE
  • Functional Skills
  • Entry level and Level 1 qualifications
  • BTEC Qualifications
  • RSL Music
  • UAL Media/Art & Design
  • City & Guilds Technical qualifications in Animal Care, Hairdressing, Barbering, Beauty, Professional Cookery.



For some qualifications a calculated assessment grade is not suitable due to the required occupational skills or professional competence.  These are courses such as Hairdressing, Beauty, Engineering, Hospitality, Plumbing, Construction, Motor Vehicle, Early Years, Teaching.  Assessments on these qualifications need to be adapted and your lecturers will be working with you now to complete the adapted forms of assessment.



There are a small number of qualifications where delaying or rescheduling assessments is the only option and in many cases the need to delay is stipulated by professional bodies.  Staff are working with relevant external bodies and assessment will re-commence as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. 


Results dates:

  • Access to HE – 31 July 2020
  • Level 3 Qualifications - 13 August 2020 (A-level, BTEC level 3, UAL Level 3, RSL)
  • Level 2 Qualifications - 20 August 2020 (GCSE, BTEC Level 2, UAL Level 2)

It is unlikely that we will have formal results days at Petroc in August.  More details about how results will be issued will be available in the next few weeks.


A note about BTEC Qualifications

Some current BTEC students have been asking for clarification on how the awarding process for their qualifications will work during the college closure.

In order to calculate BTEC results, Pearson (the awarding body) has asked us to provide them with:

  • Actual grades for internal BTEC units that you completed
  • ‘Centre Assessment Grades’ for internal BTEC units that you were not able to complete, based on available evidence and what your tutors felt you most likely would have achieved under normal circumstances
  • A rank order of all learners on your BTEC course, based on what your tutors felt you would most likely achieve at qualification level, under normal circumstances.

Your tutors will base their decisions on a range of evidence, including any relevant assignments you have completed, any prior exam or mock results, and your performance during the course. The information we submit to Pearsons will be checked beforehand by other tutors in college and signed off by the Principal. 

If you have any further questions about your results, please read these FAQs on the Pearson website.