January starts 2021 - degrees

Petroc is pleased to offer the following higher education courses to students who wish to begin their studies in January or February 2021. 

You may have delayed applying for a course due to uncertainties surrounding COVID, but rest assured, our university-level programmes offer high quality, safe and flexible study in a caring and supportive environment.

Whether you’re looking to improve your qualifications whilst working, change your career, or take time out to study something you’re passionate about, we can help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions about any of our degree courses, please contact he@petroc.ac.uk.


North Devon

Access to Higher Education - Diploma in Nursing, Midwifery and Medical Science - Part-time - PTB537
BA (Hons) Human Behavioural Studies - Full-time - HEB104FJ
BA (Hons) Human Behavioural Studies - Part-time - HEB104PJ
BA (Hons) Professional Development (Childhood Studies) Full-time - HEB001FJ
BA (Hons) Professional Development (Health & Social Care) Part-time - HEB027PJ
Foundation Degree in Business Full-time - HEB018FJ
Foundation Degree in Business Part-time - HEB018PJ
Foundation Degree in Business & Management Full-time - HEB016FJ
Foundation Degree in Business & Management Part-time - HEB016PJ
Foundation Degree in Computing Full-time - HEB009FJ
Foundation Degree in Computing Part-time - HEB009PJ
Foundation Degree in Electronics Full-time - HEB023FJ
Foundation Degree in Electronics Part-time - HEB023PJ
Foundation Degree in Illustration Full-time - HEB017FJ
Foundation Degree in Illustration Part-time - HEB017PJ
Foundation Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacture Full-time - HEB300FJ
Foundation Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacture Part-time - HEB300PJ
Foundation Degree in Psychological Studies Full-time - HEB003FJ
Foundation Degree in Psychological Studies Part-time - HEB003PJ
HNC Construction Full-time - HEB020FJ
HNC Electronics Full-time - HEB600FJ
HNC Mechanical Design and Manufacture Full-time - HEB116FJ

 Higher/Degree Apprenticeships:

Chartered Manager Apprenticeship - Level 6 - AB105
Children, Young People & Families Practitioner Apprenticeship - Level 4 - AB94
Network Engineer Apprenticeship - Level 4 - AB199
Software Developer Apprenticeship - Level 4 - AB198

Mid Devon

BA (Hons) Professional Development (Childhood Studies) Full-time - HET108FJ
BA (Hons) Professional Development (Health & Social Care) Full-time - HET106FJ
BA (Hons) Professional Development (Health & Social Care) Part-time - HET106PJ
Foundation Degree in Business Full-time - HET001FJ
Foundation Degree in Business Part-time - HET001PJ
Foundation Degree in Computing Full-time - HET003FJ
Foundation Degree in Computing Part-time - HET003PJ

Higher/Degree Apprenticeships:

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship - Level 5 - AT109
Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship - Level 4 - AT100
Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship - Level 5 - AT73