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Please refer to the information below for some of our FAQs!

Am I too late to apply for a course?

We would normally be able to accept new learners onto a programme until the first couple of weeks of a course start date. This is subject to availability However, if your course is full, we will help you find an alternative. Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre to discuss your options


What do I do if I want to change the course I have applied for?

Contact the Advice & Guidance Team who will be able to help you


What is the difference between Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE)?

Further education is the term given to any education after secondary school that is not an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. It’s what you learn after the age of 16, but not at university. Higher Education is the term used when talking about education at university-level. You usually have to be 18 or over to take a higher education course.

I can’t log in. What do I need to do?

When you initially applied to Petroc, you should have received a confirmation email which also contained your myPetroc login details.

Your username will be your Petroc student number followed by @petroc.ac.uk 

Your password will be Dob and your date of birth in 6 digit format 

e.g. Username: 12345678@petroc.ac.uk / Password: Dob230765


I still can’t log in, what’s next? 

If you still have problems logging in, please call IT Support on 01271 852388.

What is a bursary and how do I know if I'm eligible?

A bursary is money that we can provide you with to help you pay for things like clothing, books and other equipment for your course, as well as provide free college meals or provide help with travel costs. Whether you are eligible depends on the amount of your family income. For us to assess this, you would need to apply for the Bursary. Bursaries are available for students aged 16-18 and also 19+. You can find more details on our funding pages.


Would I be accepted for a bursary if I am on an apprenticeship?

Unfortunately not. As you are earning a wage on your apprenticeship, the government does not support apprenticeship learners through a bursary. 


How do I apply for a bursary?

Log in to your myPetroc account and scroll down to ‘Services’. Just underneath this, there is a link ‘Bursary/LSF’. Please complete this application and then upload your supporting evidence.


Can I apply for a bursary or a travel pass through the Parent Portal?

No, unfortunately not. Only learners can apply through their own myPetroc account.


When and how will my bursary be paid?

Funds towards kit and equipment will be paid directly into your bank account, this will be after the October half term and providing you adhere to the bursary criteria.


Do I need to reapply each year for my bursary and travel pass?

Yes, a new application is required each year.

I think I might be entitled to Free College Meals. How can I apply?

If you are entitled to a free college meal, you will need to apply to the 16-18 Bursary and provide evidence of your family's benefit. If you meet the criteria for the free college meal, you will need to come to the Advice & Guidance Centre to register your student card once it has been issued. This is normally arranged on your Induction Day or first day at college.  

Am I able to catch a bus to Petroc?

Yes, public buses run from most areas to the College so you are able to catch a public bus and pay daily if you wish. The only areas that are not covered by public bus services are Chulmleigh, Umberleigh and Honiton, however, we put on our own transport or you can travel by train from these areas. 

How do I apply for a bus pass?

You can apply for a bus pass by logging onto your myPetroc account and scrolling down to ‘Services’. Just below this is a link ‘Travel Pass Application’. If you wish to apply for a Bursary to assist with the cost, please also click on the link ‘Bursary/LSF’ and complete the application.

What happens if I live in Cornwall?

Cornwall County Council provides a bus to Petroc.  Please look at the transport pages to find out how to apply for your bus pass.

How much is a bus pass?

For the academic year 2023/2024, a bus pass will cost £747.  

When can I start using my Stagecoach TermRider ticket?

The Termrider ticket can be used from 4 September 2023.

My Stagecoach discount code says it is invalid. What do I need to do?

Make sure you have registered with Stagecoach using your student email address. Even if you already have an account, you will need to register with Stagecoach this year with your student email address. 

When ordering your pass, make sure you follow the instructions in the email closely, one part that is easy to overlook is selecting the card. You have to pick from the drop-down list whether you wish to order a new card or use an existing card that is not linked to another account before you enter the discount code.

If you make a mistake or get timed out in the final part, once you have used your discount code you will have to wait 24hrs for the code to be reset before you can try again.

If you have tried all of this and you are still having problems ordering your card, please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre.

Is there an age or course requirement?

Yes, you need to be 19+ and on an eligible course. Find out more on our funding pages.

When can I apply for my Advanced Learner Loan?

You will receive an Information and Funding letter from the Registry Team in July/August. This letter will give you instructions on how to apply for your loan and will contain all the course information you require to complete your online application. You cannot apply for your loan until you have received this letter.

How do I pay my course fees with my Advanced Learner Loan?

Once your Advanced Learner Loan application has been approved by the Student Loans Company (SLC), we will automatically claim your scheduled loan payments directly from the SLC when you have attended past the 14-day liability point. 

When will I repay my Advanced Learner Loan?

You’ll have to start repaying your loan when your income is over a certain amount (the ‘threshold’ amount). You’ll be charged interest from the day you get the first payment. You can find out more about repayments on the Government website

Student Finance England will ‘write off’ any outstanding Advanced Learner Loan balances you owe for an Access to HE course if you complete a higher education course. This means you do not have to repay it.

How much interest will I pay on my Advanced Learner Loan?

Interest will start to be applied to the loan as soon as payments to your college or training organisation begin. The rate of interest will be 3% +RPI until the April after you leave your course. This interest applies to the loan, not your monthly repayments.

Use this repayment calculator to get an estimate of how much Advanced Learner Loan you could owe. This calculator is for Advanced Learner Loan learners studying in England, for a college or training course eligible for the Advanced Learner Loan.

How do I apply to UCAS

To apply for a university-level course, you can create an account on UCAS. If you are interested in studying a degree-level course at the University Centre at Petroc, you can apply through UCAS, directly through myPetroc, or via the course pages on our website. Your tutor will tell you when you need to do this in your Tutorial sessions.

Please ensure that you register with your personal email address (e.g. janesmith@website.com) rather than your college email (e.g. 12345678@petroc.ac.uk) to ensure that you can access your offers once you have left college.

Once you have registered for an account, you will be able to link your application to the college using the Buzzword; please ask your tutor to find out what the Buzzword is for your year.

UCAS support is offered by your tutor in the first instance; they will guide you through the application process in your Tutorial sessions. 

Please be aware that the internal deadline for UCAS applications is earlier than the final UCAS deadline; this is essential to ensure that staff have time to add your reference, check qualifications, and send the application to UCAS. Applications submitted to us after the internal deadline cannot be guaranteed to be checked fully before the UCAS deadline.

A Student Certificate - or Student Disregard - can be used to support benefit applications, open student bank accounts or provide official evidence to support your student status. 

The Student Certificates include the learner's name, address and date of birth. What course they are studying on, start and end dates, and weekly average hours. 

We offer certificates for apprenticeships, Further Education courses and Higher Education courses. 

To request a Student Certificate, please complete this form.

What should I wear at college?

Students can wear what they choose, except for anything with images or slogans that are offensive to others.

When on a work placement or in kitchens/workshops, you will probably need to wear either a uniform, PPE or dress smartly - depending on the role. Your tutor will advise you accordingly.

Need further assistance?

Please get in touch with the Advice & Guidance Centre:

North Devon campus
01271 852422
Tiverton campus
01884 235330