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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - and STE(A)M also supports the Arts.

Petroc is proud to be the only STEM assured college in Devon, meaning we promote a STEM designed curriculum, and all students have the opportunity to learn STEM skills, ready for the workplace.

Below is an array of STEM-related information that has been specifically designed for our students - and staff - to inspire discussion, problem-solving and creativity, all supported by a wide range of local, national and global employers.

Further information

At Petroc, we are dedicated to a strong focus on STEM (and STE(A)M), and recently renewed our STEM Assurance status.

Being STEM assured means we offer learners a STEM education. We are the only ones in Devon who do this and we have the 'badge' to show that an independent organisation has judged us as having 'best practice' in doing this.

By offering learners a STEM education, it means that we are promoting a STEM designed curriculum, and all learners will have the opportunity to learn STEM skills, ready for the workplace.

A recent study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has found that almost half (43%) of STEM vacancies are “hard to fill”.

This means that, as a pre-emptive strategy for ensuring young people are positively influenced by STEM subjects at a young age, employer engagement is vital. Connecting students with employers from STEM-related industries has been proven to enhance understanding, heighten performance and promote aspiration. We, therefore, created opportunities for staff wanting to improve their engagement with employers to the benefit of their leaners. It also provides resources to support STEM integration across the curriculum and supports engagement in STEM Ambassadorship for both staff and learners.

Student STE(A)M Leads

STE(A)M Leads are any student who has an interest in being involved in any aspect of a workshop or events that Petroc is engaged with related to STEM or STE(A)M projects.

If you would like to get involved, please email to receive further information and an application form – or just turn up to one of the advertised sessions.

Stem Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related jobs and disciplines across the UK. They offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate their value in life and careers.

Being a STEM Ambassador as a student is an excellent career builder and you will be able to evidence key workplace characteristics by taking part.

To become a student STEM Ambassador:

  1. Register your interest on the STEM website.
  2. Complete this online learning course to provide you with the full understanding of the role.
  3. Email to let them know you are a registered STEM Ambassador and we will:
    • Add you to our college database and include you in all STEM activities, so you can decide whether you would like to be involved or not
    • Provide a reference for you when you leave regarding your work as STEM Ambassador
    • Approve character badges you recognise as relating to your experiences as a STEM Ambassador to support future job applications or UCAS applications

Please note: You must be 18 years old or over.

There are various industry-led STEM workshops available which Petroc students are able to attend. Find out more information on upcoming workshops.

If you would like the STEM Team to contact a particular industry or company to host an industry workshop please get in contact at

These are the projects for this academic year which students can become involved with. You can be part of more than one workshop but need to commit to the year once you have decided to join.

You can contribute in the way that suits you and your skills the best. And you can invest as much time as you like into the development of the projects bearing in mind the adage, ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’. The minimum input is regular attendance to the workshops which will be scheduled within college day, or by agreement of the group. Please bear in mind other time commitments such as college assignment deadlines, revision and part-time jobs. 

Find out more information about upcoming workshops.

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