STEM Industry Opportunities

Industry-led STEM workshops are available to Petroc students to attend. Please see below for information on upcoming workshops.

If you would like the STEM Team to contact a particular industry or company to host an industry workshop please contact

Workshops available

Mr Steve Jones, the Regional Manager, will come and meet with students to discuss career options related to electronics and cover the operation of companies working across the world. He will also explain the skill set required, not only to build circuit boards but also for CAD designers, and creative problem solvers - later on in life you may need to build a circuit board to solve a problem, even if you are not planning a career in electronics! Learn why Mr Steve Jones can also talk about his business as a case study, and explain the roles of marketing, sales and production management.
Mr Steve Jones will come and meet with students to talk about how to build a PCB and hold a Question and Answer session to support understanding and learning as part of an electronics curriculum. This would be appropriate for Level 3 and Higher Education students.
Mr Steve Jones will come and explain how to build a PCB: His company is willing to sponsor a project to solve a problem. for more information contact the STEM centre at

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