Callum Mackenzie



I first picked computing because I always loved computing at GCSE level. I really enjoyed the practical side, particularly programming, but my highlights have definitely been the theory, which has really enhanced my understanding of computing in a way that makes me a better programmer too.

Aside from the course itself, I really enjoy Petroc’s atmosphere, there’s lots of places to hang out and study across campus and people here feel warm and expressive making it a positive creative environment.

In the future, I’m planning to go to university to study psychology, which I also studied at A-level, but studying maths and computer science alongside it has given me a strong scientific basis to hone my learning.

I’m planning on becoming a clinical psychologist in the future, however, I will continue programming on the side as a way to express myself creatively.


A-level Computer Science

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I really enjoyed the practical side, particularly programming.