Esme Raistrick


Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
I chose to come to Petroc as I wanted to do a BTEC course that was practical and would get me out and about, Petroc was local to me and provided sports opportunities.

What made you pick this particular course?
I was interested in the Police Force and wanted an active course, I wanted a job that deals with the public and has a chance to gain experiences.

What have been the highlights so far?
Going to RAF Brize Norton, paintballing, going to the wake park and having a chance to meet people who are currently working in Public Service roles.

What do you most enjoy about studying at Petroc?
I most enjoy being part of a team, meeting new friends and taking part in sports.

What do you plan to do when you leave Petroc?
I am hoping to join Devon and Cornwall Police through an apprenticeship.

What’s the long-term plan?
The long-term plan is to become a Police Dog Handler in the Devon and Cornwall Police Force.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
Take every opportunity that you get, go on all of the courses you can even if it’s not a job you want to do in the future. Try to join a sports group and play for Petroc. Look for all the job opportunities and don’t aim for one specific job as you may realise there are other jobs out there. Don’t leave coursework until the last day, give yourself time to go over it and check you have done your best.


Level 3 Uniformed Protective Services

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“I most enjoy being part of a team, meeting new friends and taking part in sports.”