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After driving past Petroc on my route home from work on numerous occasions, I saw they were having an open event so on the complete off chance I popped in to see what courses they had on offer as I was looking for a change of career after 20 years in the same profession, and a new challenge. I was surprised by the range of courses – especially at degree level – that were accessible to me right on my doorstep.

I chose the Early Childhood Studies Foundation Degree as I knew I wanted to work in a career supporting children, however, at this point I did not know in what direction I was heading in, be it teaching, social work, or something else. The staff at the open event were great at explaining different options and where this course could lead.

The things I have enjoyed most about studying at Petroc were the variety of topics covered throughout the course. I liked the opportunity to be creative and individual in essays. Lecturers were also extremely supportive to ensure you get the best from your learning experience, with the opportunity for you to listen to professionals and their experiences in working in different sectors. I engaged in work experience at a local preschool, which I absolutely loved. Being able to link theories and knowledge gained in lectures to practice was invaluable to me and inevitably helped me decide my next steps.

When I leave Petroc I will be focused on gaining more experience to support my future goal of becoming a Play Therapist. After gaining some valuable experience, my plan is to complete my Masters in play therapy and secure a career in this field in a hospital or educational setting.

If, like me, you have not studied for quite some time, be assured that there is lots of support available to you, and you will soon get back into the swing of it.


Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies & BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies

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I engaged in work experience at a local preschool, which I absolutely loved.