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Rebecca Lovelace-James



Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
I chose to come to Petroc as they had a wide range of courses that really interested me, in the career I would like to do.

And what made you pick this particular course?
I picked Awareness of Mental Health Level 2 as it seemed like a great course to do as mental health is such a big thing in the world, also one of the future jobs I have looked into is working with people with mental health. I also picked Children’s Mental Health as I would love to work with children – I’ve wanted this since I was 16 and now 10 years later I have the chance to get some qualifications behind me to move on. I have chosen Nutrition and Health as it would be great to explore that more and with my three children, it would be great.

Which elements of your course do you particularly enjoy?
I have enjoyed being able to be home with my children and helping them grow as well as showing them that even mummy can learn new things. I can spend time with my children and still be able to get the qualifications that I would like.

What have been the highlights so far?
The highlight of the courses that I have done and are doing now is learning new things about a variety of different aspects in life. And I enjoy the fact that even though I’m studying at home I still have full support from the tutors, they are always only an email away or I can call for support.

What do you plan to do when you leave college?
When I have done the courses I would like to do, I plan on looking into work around the qualifications that I have got. I would love to do care work or helping children with mental health.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
My advice would be go for it! The learning materials are really helpful, you get full support 24/7, it’s an amazing opportunity and I wish that I had known about these courses sooner.


Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health

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I can spend time with my children and still be able to get the qualifications that I would like.