Sam Courton



Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
It was local, had the course I wanted to do and most importantly, with in the field I now work in (Fitness and Wellbeing), individuals I have worked alongside with have either studied there or have worked there as teachers.

And what made you pick this particular study programme/course?
Previous to qualifying as a Teacher, I trained in the fitness industry after leaving the British Army. Sports Massage was the necessary progression for me to deliver a complete package as a Health and Wellbeing provider.

Which elements of your study programme/course do you particularly enjoy?
As I am a Kinaesthetic learner; the practical side of learning will always be the most stimulating, however as I enjoy the human body and it’s amazing capabilities, I thoroughly enjoyed the theory of Anatomy and Physiology.

What have been the highlights so far?
I have really enjoyed the clinic (spa) aspect of the course, preparing for the clients, sharing information with my fellow students and working with various approaches to enable a high standard of treatment.

What do you most enjoy about studying at Petroc?
Seeing the other students enjoy the journey, being treated like adults and benefitting from the comradery of the motivated and friendly members of staff.

What do you plan to do when you leave college?
I already have a well-established business and the feedback from my clients have filled me with even more enthusiasm to provide my massage skills to them. In the next few years, I am considering the full path of Physio Therapy. Increasing my business’s turn over and possibly collaborating with others in my field.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
I believe the college is open and helpful, so my advice would be to ask questions, take time for study and make the most of what you are being taught.


Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

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Sports massage was the necessary progression for me to deliver a complete package as a health and well-being provider.