Sarah Fidge



Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
I was unsure as to the route I wanted to take after finishing University. I studied Psychology at UEA and then moved down to Devon straight afterwards. After working as a waitress for a few years, and travelling, I decided it was time to choose a career path. I knew I always wanted to be self-employed so I looked for courses that I thought would be a suitable choice for me and something that would potentially lead to a life of self-employment and running a business. I decided to study Beauty Therapy.

Which elements of your study programme/course do you particularly enjoy?
I enjoyed every aspect of the beauty course – apart from Individual Lashes & Spray Tanning as I personally enjoying enhancing natural beauty rather than adding ‘false’ elements to the body.

What do you most enjoy about studying at Petroc?
I found the lecturers to be very knowledgeable about the industry but it was a question of a lot of outside classroom learning. I enjoy this aspect to studying but you can learn as little or as much as you like within this industry. As I knew I wanted to start a beauty business I took the approach to learning as much as I could outside the classroom hours. Lecturers were always there to aid us however.

What do you plan to do when you leave college?
Since completing the course I have opened up a beauty salon (Boho Beauty, Braunton). I would like to expand on the treatment knowledge I enjoy and to continue to offer the best client experience I can.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
Beauty Therapy is a great course and can open up many opportunities to many individuals. You get what you put in at the end of the day. If you want to be employed within this industry then there are plenty of well-established beauty businesses already out there. With the correct qualifications, the desire to continue learning on the job and the client care that you require to be a good beauty therapist, then you are pretty much guaranteed a job within this industry as clients seem to keep coming back for more and more treatments. The industry is always expanding and developing and individuals always seem to want to take care of their appearance, so for me, it was a no brainer as to why I wanted to go choose the beauty industry route. I however, chose to open up a beauty salon, and whilst this poses many risks, the rewards are what keep me going. Having qualifications in Beauty Therapy (and mine are only Level 2), has allowed me to fulfil my dream of owning and running a small business within the beauty industry. If this is something you have thought about, then go ahead and do it! There’s lots of advice forums and help you can get so the only thing holding you back is you! I never knew anything about business, you learn as you go along. And that’s what makes life exciting. So, if you fancy a career in Beauty, whether that’s to be employed in a lovely, well-established salon already, or to go that bit further and invest time and money into opening up your own place, then studying Beauty Qualifications at Petroc is the best first step you can make!


Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy

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Beauty Therapy is a great course and can open up many opportunities to many individuals.