Tim Cottier



Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
I had originally been accepted into a few well-known universities for computer science when Covid-19 hit. I ended up doing temporary work at Harpers Feeds where I was put into the deep end of the IT where it came apparent an apprenticeship with this company would give amazing opportunities. Petroc is a nearby college, so became my first choice. They have a well-known apprenticeship program in IT infrastructure and they happily accepted me onto the apprenticeship course with the Levy program.

And what made you pick this particular study programme/course?
I had been looking after Harper’s servers, network, and general maintenance of computers for over 6 months when I was offered an apprenticeship-based position. I enjoyed what I was doing and had a very good understanding of everything I was doing. After speaking to the tutor, it became apparent the Level 3 IT infrastructure had direct connections for what I was already doing.

What do you most enjoy about studying at Petroc?
I like how direct and closely related the work is to what I am doing at Harpers especially during COVID-19. A weekly virtual lesson gives me the ability to go research, test and find things out straight away in the office and come back with my findings. I can apply my knowledge straight into the company and gives me hands on experience.

What do you plan to do when you leave Petroc?
After passing my course I would like to stay working here at Harpers as I have had a year of learning the system, the staff, and the complete work ethic in the office. I am the direct contact for Harpers IT and have lots of responsibilities which I am well suited to.

What is the long-term plan?
If the opportunity arises to take my education to a higher level I would definitely be interested. Having a lot of bespoke systems here at Harpers such as the in-house coding, apps etc allows me to learn on the job from IT professionals in the same workplace making myself an asset to the company.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
Ensure you speak to the tutors and read into the course specifications to ensure this is the most well-suited course to match what you want to do in the future. There are many computers specific courses from infrastructure, support technician, animation etc and they will all take you down different paths in the IT industry.


Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship

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I can apply my knowledge straight into the company where I work and it gives me hands-on experience.