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Visitors discover what Petrocís Tiverton Campus has to offer

Date: 13th November 2010

Visitors discover what Petrocís Tiverton Campus has to offer

For the visitors to Petrocís Discovery Day on Saturday 13 November there was an opportunity to get involved and try out new and fun experiences.

Visitor of all ages headed to the Collegeís Tiverton Campus where they were able to explore the Campus - with the help of the Outdoor Adventure Teamsí Navigation challenge - as well as get involved with lots of  fun, Ďhave a goí activities.

Mono-printing workshops, go-karting, fit ball drumming, BMI Testing and flatbread making were just a few of the activities on offer. For those looking to try out their practical skills there was the chance to build a wooden bird box, lay pavers in sand and set up a lighting circuit.

The Collegeís increasingly successful A Level provision offered up a timetable of inspiring mini tester lessons, covering a broad range of intriguing topics from the Science of Sexual Attraction to the Heroes and Villains of History.

Younger visitors got messy with tactile activities using gloop, jelly, spaghetti and finger painting, offered by the Childrenís Care Learning & Development team.

Entertainment for the day was provided by the students from Petrocís Music Academy which is based in Exeter.

After all that excitement, guests were offered some pamper time with mini makeovers in the Collegeís hair and beauty salon and so could leave feeling fully restored and refreshed!

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