Petroc PACE

Introducing Petroc Pace for Year 11 students

Once you have completed your course application with Petroc, you will be automatically eligible to access our fantastic new on-line learning platform, Petroc Pace, on the Century AI website.
Petroc Pace uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalise learning content for individual school leavers, so that your education continues at a pace that is right for you, helping to ensure you are ready for your next steps.
Petroc Pace includes a range of topics including English, Maths and Sciences, and aims to ensure that no learner is left behind.

How to access Petroc Pace

  1. Log on to your Petroc account at You will need your ID number and password which we emailed when you applied.
  2. After you have accessed your Petroc account, click on the Petroc Pace icon.
  3. To log onto Petroc Pace, do not use the username and password boxes, instead click on the the Office 365 icon. Then log in with your Petroc ID and password. 


Trouble logging into your Petroc account?


Trouble accessing Pace?

  • To log into Petroc Pace, you will need to use Office 365 and your Petroc college login username and password.
  • If you can’t access Petroc Pace via your MyPetroc account, use the following link:
  • If you are still struggling to log in, please email with your Student ID and details of any issue.
We hope you enjoy the platform and find lots of interesting information to help you with your studies.

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