The Gallery was named after Gary Goodwin who had been the Fine Art specialist tutor at Petroc (or North Devon College as it was known then) for over 20 years before he died from MS. Gary had trained as a Fine Art printmaker at Brighton, completed his MA at Chelsea School of Art and was twice the European Fellow at Exeter School of Art and Design (that later became part of Plymouth University) before teaching at Petroc.

Gary's work was broad, encompassing printing, collage, graphics before moving into conceptual art. He used a broad range of media, from Lego to branding paper with a Victorian flat iron and latterly, the content of his work looked at 'measuring' our impact on the earth and his own increasing disability that health specialists were so interested in monitoring.

More importantly Gary had first initiated the idea of offering Higher Education within North Devon, understanding the importance of the Arts in rural areas and the difficulties some students faced in moving away to study. The first HE courses were offered in conjunction with Exeter School of Art & Design and now we are part of the Plymouth University Academic partnership and offer over 30 higher level courses across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The Goodwin Gallery continues to provide a space for nurturing emerging student practices as well as a showcase for more established local and national artists. Future plans include collaborating with other galleries and hosting national touring art exhibitions. The Gallery becomes part of the Students Degree Show held every year in June with students from Ceramics, Fine Art and Illustration exhibiting their work.

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