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From the classroom to the boardroom

Scholarly Activities

Here at Petroc, there is a wide range of research and scholarly activity undertaken by staff. From completing research projects to publishing books, our staff contribute regularly to developments in their field.

Scholarly Activity meetings take place regularly. All staff, students and members of the public are welcome to come and listen to colleagues talk about an area of special interest to them, in a relaxed atmosphere. All speakers contribute on a purely voluntarily basis and subjects are incredibly diverse.

Scholarly activity events look to provide students with a vibrant, dynamic and interesting learning environment where they can begin to apply their critical thinking skills learnt within their own subject areas, to new and varied topics. These activities embrace the idea of Higher Education being a transformative experience and a holistic learning event whereby students can become involved in ideas and learning, not only from their own degree course, but from a wide range of expertise from a diverse curriculum.

Some events we have had in the past include

Eirene Williams - Encounters with Amazing Trees: Plymouth University Fieldwork in Borneo

Mark Powell - What's Happening to the British Economy

Richard Crossman - What is Creativity?

Dr Vicky Barnard - Eating Disorders: the Latest Thinking

Alison Knight and Chris Moreby - The Educational Value of Gaming


Scholarly Activity Conference 2016

Thursday June 9th , 9:15am - 4pm

Brannams Campus, Barnstaple

We have a brilliant programme of talks, debates and workshops. The conference aims to include subjects of interest to all staff regardless of their area. The conference and all refreshments are free of charge. Members of the public are welcome.

Upcoming scholarly Events


Petroc hosting DCTPN Meeting

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