Vets & Medics Academy

Vets & Medics Academy students have the opportunity to be part of a ground breaking and prestigious initiative developed by Petroc and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust with support from Health Education South West, providing a hospital placement over 10 weeks. It provides real-life ‘as it happens’ work placement opportunities for young people who are interested in developing a career in Medicine and exposes the wide range of specialisms available within the National Health Service.

  • The Medics Academy is ground-breaking in nature by opening up a wide range of career pathways by giving students a chance to work alongside practitioners from a number of different Medical specialisms
  • Specialist Tutorial Group with a dedicated Medics Academy tutor
  • Two hours of Medics Academy Enrichment per week with specialist staff
  • Workshops and Talks with Healthcare professionals and students
  • Critical Thinking Programme for UKCAT and BMAT support

Pathway into the Vets & Medics Academy

If you are a young person interested in accessing the Medics Academy you must be enrolled on to a programme including A-level Chemistry and at least one other Science or Maths subject. View the range of study programmes here at Petroc.

How do I access the Vets & Medics Academy?

Selection for the Medics Academy is based around several connected factors:

Firstly, you must have a passion for improving people’s lives and a desire to discover more about what a career in medicine has to offer.

Secondly, a determination to work and study hard is absolutely essential and the ability to work well with others. As your programme of study develops your attributes will be recognised by our highly experienced staff.

Thirdly, if you wish to apply for a place on the Medics Academy you will be required to complete an application form including a letter of application. This application will gain your access to the in-house Medics Academy programme. Whilst on programme, applicants for the hospital placements will be invited to attend a rigorous 20 minute value based recruitment interview. If you have been successful in your interview, you will need to attend mandatory induction, manual handling and first aid training prior to starting your placement at the hospital.

Where will the Vets & Medics Academy Hospital placements take place?

The Medics Academy Placements are on a rotational basis for 10 weeks (one day a week) shadowing F1s through to Consultants, experts in diabetes, cardiology, anesthetics, general medicine to name a few.

What will the in-house programme cover?

Becoming a doctor isn’t an easy option, the Medics Academy programme aims to help you develop the skills you’ll need for making a competitive application and you will also learn a great deal about yourself! Students follow a scheme of work tackling topics over the course of a lifetime, this programme is punctuated with trips and guest speakers providing the opportunity to gain an insight into medicine from a holistic perspective.

How do I apply for an A-level programme at Petroc?

You can apply directly for a programme of study via our course search webpage.

Can I talk to somebody who may be able to give me more information about the Medics Academy?

Yes – please contact Jo Davies at for further information.

What our students think...

"I helped set up the medics academy with Sam in my last year at Petroc, returning this year it was great to see how it is still going strong. It was good to see the enthusiasm of the prospective medical students at Petroc and I hope that from talking about my personal experiences it has helped give the students an insight into what to expect at Medical school.  The medics academy helped me to gain experience and support from my peers in personal statement writing and with interview techniques for example. From having guest speakers visiting the academy we also gained an insight into the different areas of medicine which helped me now I am studying Medicine.”

Chloe Sheath, former Vet Med Academy student, now studying at Peninsula Medical School

George Tucker - "After much consideration between Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, my mind was made up after a professional discussion with an Ex-Petroc student and current Vet Med student studying at Surrey Vet School. Becky returned to Petroc to speak with all of us in the Medics Academy about life as a veterinary student, she gave us lots of insight and I’m really excited about perusing this route."

Megan Knock - "Having completed my first year at college now, I'd have to say some of my best memories have come from being in the Medic's Academy! In the Academy you are given so many brilliant opportunities to get involved in which provide excellent medical experiences to give you an insight into the career, for example, I took the opportunity to attend Medlink of which is a 3 day residential where you can get involved in many activities, from lectures to clinical skills at Nottingham University. This not only provided a good perspective of what a Doctor does, but gave an impression of university life as we stayed in the halls of residences at the university.  I did have to pay for this one, however, the majority of the events shown to us or created by Sam are free and are just as great!"

Ryleigh Sloman - "Being part of the medics academy this year has been invaluable for helping me apply to medicine. All the experiences and workshops have been highly insightful and very enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone seriously considering medicine."

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