DCSYP Mentoring Programme

As a college, we are dedicated to ensuring our students have a smooth and happy transition to us.

Devon County Skills for Young People Mentoring Programme (DCSYP) is delivered at Petroc for any students starting in September who may be anxious or would like to engage with us prior to their start date. Petroc offers a one-to-one mentoring service and 3-day workshops over the summer when the campus is not being used by students. Funded through the European Social Fund, Skills Funding Agency and CSW Group, the aim is to build resilience, positivity and help reduce anxiety or reservations linked with starting a new course. If you are aged 15 - 18 and would like to get involved, please contact Clare on 07815 825193 or email clare.antell@petroc.ac.uk

The workshops will run over three days: Tuesday, Wedsnesday and Thursday 11am – 3pm from June onwards. Below is the delivery structure for those who are starting in September for the first time:

  • Day one: Resilience, Positivity, Relationships
  • Day two: What to expect at college, Life Skills, Budgeting, Organisation
  • Day three: Public Transport, Reflect, Offsite activity

There is then an option to join the Summer Transition programme throughout August, which is run over 3 weeks. Learners will get the chance to further familiarise themselves with Petroc’s campus. They will be in groups with learners who are studying the same types of courses and even get their Petroc ID and logins before they start in September.

Alternatively, Clare can hold one-to-one mentoring sessions with our applicants to ensure they are ready and relieve anxiety, build confidence, and address any barriers they may be facing about beginning their Further Education journey.

Please get in contact if you would like to take part in a workshop or have some one-to-one mentoring sessions.