GCSE Results Day 2018: We're here for you

Have you opened your GCSE results today and you’ve got some questions about what to do next?

Don’t panic – we’re here for you.

  • Maybe you’ve done better than you expected and want to have a look at what options are available to you
  • Or you’ve not got the results you expected and need some advice on what’s next
  • You might have chosen a course and want to double check what it’s all about
  • Or maybe you just want some general info

Our Advice and Guidance team are here to answer your questions, whether it’s about grades, courses, Maths and English requirements, access needs, transport, college life – anything you can think of!

Come and have a chat at our GCSE Options Sessions:

  • Thursday, August 23 2018
    • North Devon Campus: 11am to 7.00pm
    • Mid Devon Campus: 11am to 7.00pm
  • Friday, August 24 2018
    • North Devon Campus & Mid Devon Campus: 10am to 2pm

For more information, or to book an appointment please call our Results Support Team on 01271 852395 – this dedicated support line is open on Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of August 2018, from 9.00am through until 4pm both days.

Please note A Level or Creative Industries learners (including Art, Performing Arts & Music courses) seeking advice and guidance are strongly encouraged to make an appointment by contacting the Arts & Science Administration Office via DASadmin@petroc.ac.uk or calling 01271 852427 in advance of attending these events.

Need further assistance?

Outside of the above days please get in touch with the Guidance Centre: