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Another year of outstanding A-level results

Updated 18/8/20

On A-level results day we were very proud to celebrate the outstanding results of many of our students, however at the time it was already clear to us that not all students had received the grades they rightly deserved. We are therefore pleased that the Government announced a U-turn and that results will be based on Centre Assessment Grades. This will have an impact on our overall results across the board which is fantastic news. We are currently crunching the data but as soon as we have accurate figures we will of course share them. But suffice to say, our outstanding results will only get better!

13 August 2020

Petroc students are celebrating another year of outstanding A-level results, with a pass rate of 99% for the ninth consecutive year.

Sean Mackney, Principal and CEO, said: “I’m extremely proud of our student’s results. We understand this has been an extremely difficult year. However, even in light of the circumstances, our learners have pulled through, remained dedicated at home and have come out with some outstanding results!

I’m delighted that some of our students will continue onto higher level study at Petroc, with our new ‘Year Three’ offer and expanded university-level courses, studied in person, here in Devon. I am also proud that we have students going on to Oxbridge and other leading universities, and that others have secured exciting jobs and apprenticeships, both locally and further afield. It’s on days like today that you realize that through hard work and determination, our students can really reach their goals and go further in life.

We have an exceptional A-level provision here at Petroc, brilliant BTEC results and many adults succeeding on our range of Access to HE courses. These results are testament to the passion, dedication and incredible subject expertise of our lecturers, who go above and beyond to inspire our learners to achieve their very best.”

Alison Knight, Head of Faculty for Academic and Scientific Studies, added “I am enormously proud of the A-level staff and students at Petroc. 99% pass rate for a ninth consecutive year is outstanding! These results are proof that, even in the most challenging of times, they have continued to deliver on high expectations.

We have worked tirelessly throughout the past months to ensure students have remained engaged with learning and the A-level results show that both staff and students have continued to excel. Over 20% of our grades were A* or A and we have continued to exceed national benchmarks in both Pass Rates and A*-C grades.”

Kai Hall (A*, A*, A*), will be heading to Imperial College London to study Theoretical Physics. He said: “I’ve been taught by some of the most amazing lecturers I’ve come across. I thoroughly enjoyed my A-level’s. My favourite one was Further Maths – I had such a small class size, it felt like more of a personal experience as if I was at private school. I’m so pleased with my results, it’s the biggest reward.”

Rebecca Heard (A*, A, A), is off to Exeter University to study English. She told us: “I have always really enjoyed English, but during my GCSEs I fell out of love with it. I still decided to choose it at Petroc and am really glad that I did as I really enjoyed it and found my love for the subject again. I love the way English is so varied, there are no right or wrong answers, it is more opinion based, which has given me a voice and more confidence in myself. The combination of my subjects has really worked for me. Classics was my fourth subject and I had planned to drop it in the second year, but I found it really enjoyable and it complimented my other subjects. I chose my A-level subjects at Petroc with the goal of university in mind so I am over the moon to be accepted at Exeter University on the BA in English. In the future I want to go into teaching, either primary or secondary, so I hope to do a PGCE after my degree.”

Tai Byrne (A*, A, A), will soon be studying Aerospace Engineering at Bristol University having achieved his fantastic results! He said: “I’ve really enjoyed studying at Petroc, I’ve loved the freedom you’re given to learn. Maths was my favourite A-level; I found it very rewarding to see such great results when I put such dedication into practising and improving.”

Cerys Tanton (A*, A, A), told us: “The A-level courses I chose at Petroc have got me to where I wanted to be… studying a BA Degree in History at Exeter University. During my time at Petroc I had lots of up and down moments! I really enjoyed History and I had a great lecturer who even got me to appreciate and enjoy modern History! I also did Classics and English Literature, both tying in with my love of history and reading. I am now really excited about going to Exeter Uni; I was accepted this morning and will move to Exeter in time for Freshers!”

It’s not just A-level learners celebrating today. We can proudly say that 56% of our Vocational students received grades D* – D​. In particular, our Engineering students excelled with an amazing 41% D* with 100% pass rate.

We wish our students the very best of luck as they progress on in life and hope to see many of them back next year at Petroc on our exciting new Year 3 programmes or studying for a degree with us.


20 August 2020