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Adult Part-Time Certificated Courses

Part-time courses to help you develop your skills.

learn the skills you need to succeed

There are any number of reasons why you may want to retrain or upskill; you may feel you have reached the limits of your current role, or want to use your skills in a different industry or setting. Maybe you need a challenge, or have re-evaluated what makes you happy; or maybe you just want to work for yourself.


The average worker in Britain considers changing career ten times per year, and nearly 20% are currently thinking about retraining*. If this is you, you know that a career change is something which involves a lot of thought, planning and effort. This is where we can help.


Whether your passion lies in Animal Care, Construction, Sport or Education, we have a huge range of part-time adult education courses across a wide range of industries waiting to help you take that next step. Take a look through the following industry sector information and be inspired!


*Association of Accounting Technicians, 2018