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Inspiring the next generation in your industry

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Industry placements allow students on T Level courses to put the knowledge they've learned in the classroom into action.

T Levels are a new Level 3 technical qualification, are equivalent to three A Levels, and prepare students for skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships. They've been developed in collaboration with employers to ensure that the content they cover meets the needs of the related industry

They combine 80% learning in the classroom, with 20% on-the-job experience, enabling students to gain in-depth, hands-on experience in industries ranging from construction to science, and legal to animal care.

Celebrating Success

Petroc has been hugely successful in the introduction of T Levels, and a large part of this success is down to the businesses that support us and the matches we make with our learners.

Supporting You

Our expert team can help you create your industry placement  programme; recruit, screen and shortlist the best talent for your role; support with work placement administration; and offer advice and guidance to your line managers and mentors.

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Additional information

Industry Placements are a key element of T Levels which enable students to put the knowledge they've learned in the classroom into action.

But what are T Levels?

  • A new Level 3 qualification, introduced by the government in 2020.
  • Full-time technical education courses which will follow GCSEs, take two years to complete and are equivalent to three A Levels.
  • The content meets the needs of the related industry 
  • Developed in collaboration with employers
  • Combine 80% learning in the classroom, with 20% on-the-job experience (industry placement).
  • Available in a range of subjects from construction to health care, and legal to animal care.
  • Provide a clear pathway to higher education, higher level apprenticeships and employment.

So how do Industry Placements fit in?

  • Opportunity to apply classroom theory to the workplace and gain in-depth, realistic, hands-on experience.
  • Take place over 315 hours (approx. 45 days).
  • Can be undertaken as a block of time or as individual days. 
  • The placement can be centred around a specific new project or task, or provide assistance with an ongoing existing task.
  • Students are expected to be treated like a member of staff and assigned a supervisor or mentor.
  • A placement can be shared with one other organisation.

Aside from providing a young person with a unique insight into their chosen career, industry placements provide employers with some really great benefits of their own.

  • Provides support for growing teams.
  • Fresh eyes and new ideas from young people coming into your industry.
  • Opportunities for existing staff to gain management and mentoring skills.
  • Builds a diverse and creative workforce.
  • Be recognised as being innovative and forward-thinking.
  • Opportunity to tap into up-to-date learning.
  • Promotes your record as a learning and development organisation.
  • Inspires the next generation to work in your industry.
  • Generally, T Level work placements are unpaid.

We want our students to be the best they can be and for the experience to be a valuable one for both learner and employer. That's why Petroc has a dedicated team on hand to support organisations that welcome students onto an Industry Placement. 


  • Help you shape, create and deliver your industry placement  programme. 
  • Guide you through the recruitment process.
  • Recruit, screen and shortlist the best talent for your role.
  • Support with work placement administration
  • Offer advice and guidance to your line managers and mentors.

Providing opportunities to help you develop and grow your workforce.

Support for growing teams

Find your next generation of leaders

Innovative and forward-thinking

Tap into up-to-date learning

Inspire the next generation

Show your commitment to development