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Big Bear Day!

We are very proud to have held Big Bear Day, in aid of Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) on 25 April. There were lots of fun bear-related activities and fundraising opportunities going on throughout the day at our North Devon and Tiverton campuses.

We had everything from staff raffles to ‘Bear in a Square’! We also ran ‘Where’s the Bear?’ where teams joined together to follow trails of clues to find a hidden bear on each campus. 

Our Executive Team were also put to the challenge with ‘The Great Barnstaple Bear Off’. They went head-to-head to bake the best looking – and tasting – bear themed desserts! It all got very competitive and we saw some very impressive takes on the bear. 

Bill Blythe, Vice Principal of Finance Resources and Regulations at Petroc said, “We are delighted to support Children’s Hospice South West in their find a bear fundraising efforts. The Executive Team cooked bear-shaped cakes, which they sold to the students and staff in the Boardroom to raise money. It’s been a great day for all of us.” 

Petroc Student Union also held a range of activities at The Egg at our North Devon campus, including Batak-Bear, ‘How Many Gummy Bears in the Jar?’ and a bake sale. 

Kate Romo, Events Fundraiser at CHSW said, “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Petroc for fundraising for us through their Big Bear Day. It was a fantastic event, and raised vital funds for the children and young people, and their families, under our care.”

We would like to thank everyone for their involvement in making this such a successful fundraising day for CHSW. We are proud to have so far raised £877!


26 April 2023


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