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Creating the workforce of the future

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future and NHS Confederation are calling for a new partnership between colleges and NHS in England to tackle health and care workforce crisis and boost local jobs.

Their new report, Creating the workforce of the future, says that further investment is needed in colleges if the UK Government is to stand a fighting chance of tackling the significant workforce vacancies across the NHS and social care and taking forward its levelling up ambitions. Colleges are already a key education and training route for key workers and the recommendations in this report suggest ways to maximise this by building more strategic partnerships between the sectors.

The report sets out ideas for new relationships and systems. This includes the idea of “employer hubs” to be set up across England to bring together local NHS organisation and college colleges to collaborate on training and strengthen pipelines for the local recruitment of health and care staff across a range of professions, tackling local workforce shortages.

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20 September 2020


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