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Petroc students recognised with Mayor’s Environment Cup

Barnstaple in Bloom’s river cleaning initiative received the prestigious Mayor’s Environment Cup at the Mayor Making Ceremony held at the Guildhall in Barnstaple on 25 May 2023.

The project, which aims to enhance the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the town centre, included a wonderful collaboration between Barnstaple Town Council, the Environment Agency, the Fire Brigade, Petroc and local volunteers.

The cleanup operation saw Petroc students from the Outdoor Adventure and Public Services programmes taking an active role in clearing debris from the River Taw. Working tirelessly, the students undertook the challenging task of removing various items from the riverbed including trolleys, bicycles, signposts and traffic cones. They managed to extract a staggering two tonnes of debris from the river, showcasing their dedication and commitment to revitalising their local environment.

Mike Bazley, Faculty Manger at Petroc, expressed his utmost admiration for the students’ incredible efforts, highlighting their resilience in adverse conditions. “I’m truly impressed with the students’ determination and hard work as they removed an astonishing amount of rubbish from the river under arduous circumstances. Despite facing physical challenges in a moving water environment and contending with sticky, filthy mud, the students persevered without a single complaint.” He went on to say, “I’m proud and delighted that their hard work has been recognised through the Mayor’s Environment Cup”.

Mike has also been delighted with his students’ heightened awareness of their surroundings, noting the comments they make when they see another trolly in the area they cleaned! This keen observation shows the profound impact of the cleanup campaign, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and ownership among the young participants.

The Mayor’s Environment Cup serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Barnstaple in Bloom, Barnstaple Town Council, the Environment Agency, the Fire Brigade, and the dedicated students from Petroc College. Together, they have exemplified the power of community engagement and environmental stewardship, leaving a lasting positive impression on the town of Barnstaple.


19 June 2023


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