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Petroc Student Awards 2024 – North Devon

Petroc hosted its prestigious North Devon Student Awards Ceremony this week at the Barnstaple Hotel, celebrating the remarkable achievements of its students. 

The evening was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent of Petroc’s learners, marking a significant milestone in their educational journeys.

The ceremony began with a beautiful performance by Performing Arts students Freya and Gracie, setting a celebratory tone for the evening. 

Dr. Kay Brennan, Senior Medical Officer, Musculoskeletal and Exercise Medicine Specialist, and General Practitioner at Royal Marine Base Chivenor, delivered an inspiring keynote address. Dr. Brennan shared her career journey, emphasising the importance of seizing opportunities and saying “YES” to new challenges and opportunities.

Deputy Principal Dr. Jason Jones expressed his pride in the students’ accomplishments, saying, “Our award winners have been nominated as being truly exceptional. They have gone above and beyond to succeed, embracing opportunities with a positive attitude and determination. They deserve recognition for their tenacity and dedication, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements.”

This year’s awards ceremony was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship from The Sustainable Business Resource, Eaton, and Mindful Education. Their support underscores the community’s commitment to educational excellence and celebrating student achievements.

Dr. Jones also acknowledged the vital role of employers, partners, stakeholders, and Petroc staff in supporting the students’ journeys. He extended heartfelt thanks to the families and friends of the students for their unwavering encouragement.

One of the standout moments of the night was Ella Wakley’s extraordinary achievement, winning three awards: Art & Design Student of the Year, Most Inspiring Student of the Year, and the prestigious Governor’s Winner award.

Ella said, “I really appreciate winning these awards and I hope to carry on educating people about disabilities and I hope this encourages people to ask questions about disability.”

Dr. Jones concluded the evening with a message to the students: “We are incredibly proud of our student’s success and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Remember that learning never stops, and we hope that your time with us has prepared you for a lifetime of continued growth and prosperity. Congratulations to all our award winners, and thank you to everyone who has made this evening possible.”


Award winners 2024:

  • A Level Excellence Award – Esme Holker
  • A Level Excellence Award – Jack Seage
  • A Level Excellence Award – Jayden Comer
  • A Level Excellence Award – Elicia Blackwell
  • Animal Care Student of the Year – Ellie Hill
  • Barbering Student of the Year – Adam Hickey
  • Beauty Student of the Year – Lucy Bond
  • Art & Design Student of the Year – Ella Wakley
  • Creative Media Student of the Year – River Shirley
  • Music Student of the Year – Noah Zeale
  • Performing Arts Student of the Year – Charlotte Chandler
  • Hair Student of the Year – Mckenzie Troke
  • Hospitality & Catering Student of the Year – Luna Quickfall
  • Outdoor Adventure Student of the Year – Kate Mullens
  • Public Services Student of the Year – Samuel Adams
  • English Student of the Year – Sophie Grant
  • Foundation Learning Student of the Year – Kseniia Yurash
  • Maths Student of the Year – Aaron Accleton-Scialpi
  • Preparation for Adulthood Student of the Year – Kyle Fox
  • Preparation for Adulthood Student of the Year – Rocco Adams
  • Supported Internship Student of the Year – Natasha Charman
  • Progressive Pathways Student of the Year – George Wilks
  • Progressive Pathways Student of the Year – Jack Kingston
  • Electrical Student of the Year – Thomas Cumings
  • Health and Care Student of the Year – Sam Timbury
  • Education Student of the Year – Ruby Owen
  • Carpentry Students – Noah Jewell, Alfie Dowling, Will Cooper, Bradley Spencer, Oscar Featon, Georgie Suntah, Aimee Dowding, Josh Dolan
  • Engineering Student of the Year – Lucy Jo Gillard
  • Digital Student of the Year – Jake Chapman
  • Bricklaying Student of the Year – Jack Farmer
  • Business Student of the Year – Nick Ng
  • Motor Vehicle Student of the Year – Ben Jones
  • Plumbing Student of the Year – Tom Ashcroft
  • Sustainability Award – Chloe Boyle
  • Sports Performer of the Year – Daniel Williams
  • Sports Team of the Year – Andy Rose (Coach), Alex Symcox, Austin Bull, Billy Sampson, Fratton Tetley, George Evans, James Harley, Joe Miles, Josh Arthur, Liam Loftus, Liam Martin, Oliver Fosberry, Oskar Czechowski, Owen Pickard, Tyler Curtis, Will Teale, Will Clarke, Jake Peterson, Acea Allan-Sanders
  • Access to a Higher Education Student of the Year – Matthew Phillips
  • Adult Student of the Year – Claire Scott
  • University Centre for Northern Devon Student of the Year – Abygail Goodwin
  • T Level Student of the Year – Jake Chapman
  • Petroc Plus Student of the Year – Charlotte Balment
  • Students’ Lecturer of the Year – Max Jenkins
  • Most Inspiring Student of the Year – Ella  Wakley
  • Governor’s Winner – Ella  Wakley



21 June 2024


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