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The Taw offers three-course meal cheaper than Domino’s

DevonLive recently reviewed Petroc’s Taw Restaurant at our North Devon campus:

“With the escalating cost of living, eating out has become more of a treat than ever. But there’s a little-known restaurant in Devon where it’s possible to get a top-notch meal for less than twenty quid. The Taw Restaurant in Barnstaple is run by students at Petroc College and three courses will set you back £18.50. That’s less than the price of a large pizza from Domino’s which come in at around £22.

Forget Domino’s, this is genuinely the best meal out I’ve eaten in Devon – and not just because of the price. Top marks Petroc students. I’d definitely go back.”

Read the full article on DevonLive.

The Taw restaurant is open on Thursdays only for dinner and Thursdays and Fridays for lunch. To make a reservation, call 01271 852483 or email thetaw@petroc.ac.uk.


07 November 2022


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