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Graduation Celebrations at Torbay

On Friday we celebrated the success of our Healthcare Assistant Practitioner students at their Graduation at the beautiful venue of Osbourne Hotel in Torquay. Ms Rachel Nolan, Education Programmes Lead at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation said, “I am so proud of them all and how they have embraced working and studying over the last three years. They have managed to study through a global pandemic and a return to business as usual, with all the uncertainties and challenges that entailed, all the while maintaining their academic study, clinical competencies, and work schedules within the Trust. They have shown determination and persistence, whilst still managing to provide exceptional patient care and maintaining professional standards.”

Student, Annacarla Parisi, who is a Healthcare Assistant Practitioner at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation said, “Overall this has been a big achievement for me, and in a second language! I have really appreciated the critical thinking skills which I have learnt throughout this course (which I have not experienced before) and I have also learnt how to challenge things. There is always room for improvement, for new ideas and innovation.”

Dr Caroline Chipperfield, Director for Higher Education, told us, “It was wonderful to share such a special day with our Healthcare Assistant Practitioner students, their families, work colleagues and our academic staff. We understand both the challenge and satisfaction of degree-level study – each student has worked so hard to get to this stage and we congratulate them wholeheartedly.”


04 April 2023


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