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subcontracted provision

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Petroc works with a small number of partners to deliver subcontracted provision to learners aged over 16. This includes learners who are aged 16-19 on Study Programmes and Apprenticeships. The aim of our subcontracted activity is

16-19 learners on Study Programmes

We subcontract to enhance the opportunities available to young people in North Devon and to provide an entry point for disadvantaged groups.  This allows us to ensure we can offer alternative niche provision outside of a normal college environment to support learners who are at risk of not engaging in education or training.


We subcontract to enable us to meet the training needs identified by employers.  This may include providing specialist training, niche provision or access to expertise not held within Petroc which is part of a wider apprenticeship programme.

Petroc Subcontracting Partners

At Petroc, we are proud to work with a small number of delivery partners to provide quality training & courses.  Our current delivery partners are:

  • Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • WINGS South West

Supporting Documents

  • Fees & Charges policy (contains details of our Management Fees)
  • Subcontractor Declarations
  • Subcontracting - Contract Management Plan