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 Tara Davies


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Why did you decide to teach?
I developed an interest in teaching because of some of the lectures that I had at university. I warmed to some more than others and there are some I still remember today. I felt so engaged in the way some lectures were delivered. I thought to myself, I want to be up there doing that.
I was even more determined to achieve this goal, as during my school years the careers adviser told me to ask my mum if she could get me a job in her office as she didn’t see me doing much else. I didn’t take this too well and wanted to prove the careers advisor wrong. I felt driven to get into education and to do well on my own merit. I have been teaching for nearly 12 years starting at secondary school level, but then after part-time lecturing on top of my teaching at a local secondary school, I found teaching older students so rewarding, I love being part of their journey in helping them achieve their dream career.

Why did you choose to teach your subject and what makes it exciting for you?
I find Criminology captivating and qualified in 2007 as a Postgraduate. I didn’t understand why people commit crime and wanted to explore this further; Was it through choice? Environment exposure? The situation they were born into? Something innate within? It fascinated me – and still does.
I’ve had interactions with Criminology through experiences where crime was more apparent around me. As part of my dissertation I researched into football hooliganism, interviewing members of the ICF and it just made me want to know more. I’m always reading and researching why people commit crime and the theory behind it.

Why did you become a lecturer?
I like seeing the impact on people’s lives and on their education – watching them improve their life chances, becoming more confident and getting on the career ladder to do something that fulfils their ambitions and betters their situation. I love being a part of that.

Tell us about your previous experience?
I have worked in educational settings since 2010.  I was a Head of Department until I had my two children where I returned to teaching part-time. I’ve also worked with North and West Devon Youth Offenders team, to help keep young offenders out of prison via a Refferal Order and Panel processes.

What have been the highlights in your career?
I have too many career highlights to mention, but they all revolve around seeing students succeed in going on to their next steps, in a career path they have a passion for and armed with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their work. I never tire of it. I know how hard it can be to have barriers and hurdles in your way to get to where you want to be, I will always support people who are trying to better their situation or who have taken a leap of faith to go to University so they can access a career they have wanted but not been able to start yet.

Any tips for leaners looking to study your programme?
Be ready to consider different theories and perspectives you may not agree with. Be armed with a preparedness to learn and develop an interest in Psychology and Criminology.
Related work experience alongside a degree linking to your career aspirations will really help your applications into your chosen area.
No matter how nervous or unsure you are, engage with your fellow students and the staff in seminars. You get so much more from the learning environment when you discuss the topics we cover.
Never be afraid to question something or ask for help if you need it. Familiarise yourself with referencing!

Are you currently working on any projects professional/personal?
Once my children are a bit older I’ll be continuing with my Masters in Criminology!



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