Community Grants - How to Apply

Grant Recipients

To access this funding, organisations must be either a small organisation, in that you employ fewer than 49 full time equivalent staff and have an annual turnover equal to or under EUR 10 million or a balance sheet equal to or below EUR 10 million or a third sector organisation which operates within the Third Sector meaning the part of an economy or society comprising non-governmental and non-profit making organisations or associations including charities, voluntary and community groups.


Grant Application Process

Petroc have developed a two stage application process and will offer training and guidance to any organisations who wish to submit an application. 

Stage 1 Application

This is used to determine your organisation's eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed by Petroc you can start your Stage 2 Application. 

Stage 2 Application 

This is where you tell us the details of your project proposal. This is submitted to a panel to decide whether it can be funded. The panel will consist of one LEP member, one Petroc member of staff (not a member of the Projects team) and one member from your local area. 


Grant Application Assessment Windows

Due to the ongoing situation with the Covid19 pandemic we have had to pause our activity and decision making for round 4 and beyond. If you or your organisation are interested in applying for a Community Grant please contact us on the email below so that we can keep in touch with you and let you know as the situation changes.

Application window

Applications received by:

Assessed by Grant Panel:

Decision made by and applicants informed by:

Grant awarded by: (contracts and due diligence to be finalised)


3rd July 2019

24th July 2019

31st July 2019

31st August 2019


3rd September 2019

24th September 2019

1st October 2019

1st November 2019


25th November 2019

16th December 2019

20th December 2019

31st January 2020


3rd March 2020

24th March 2020

31st March 2020

30th April 2020


3rd June 2020

24th June 2020

1st July 2020

1st August 2020


3rd September 2020

24th September 2020

1st October 2020

1st November 2020


If you would like to know more about this programme or would like to discuss further contact