Grants awarded in Somerset

Round 2:

Community Paths

Area: Somerset                                 Start Date: November 2019                         End Date: December 2020

Community Paths supports vulnerable adults into volunteering opportunities, community opportunities and also into paid Work. We have an emphasis on bespoke support and using multiple outcomes to help people achieve their personal goals and outcomes.


Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting (WREC)

Area: Yeovil                        Start Date: January 2020                              End Date: January 2021

The project will engage with 40 women and lone parents from across Yeovil and Shepton Mallet and support them to enter employment and further learning within the child workforce sector.


Round 3:

Autism Community Network

Area: Bridgwater, Taunton & Wells          Start Date: January 2020              End Date: January 2021

To deliver 12 Step Anxiety Program over 20 weeks, a course with Women as a priority reaching rural communities. 15 weeks to attend the program with an additional 5 weeks of next steps and 1-1 coaching, signposting, introductions, resources to support learners into work and or education.


Stokehill Education and Training

Area: Wincanton                              Start Date: January 2020                              End Date: January 2021

The six week course will help to bridge the gap between the intensive support and care patients receive during cancer treatment, and their return to independence (including to employment or further training).


Round 4:

Young Somerset

Area: Bridgwater                              Start Date: September 2020                        End Date: May 2021

REAL is a youth-work based employment project designed to give 15 of the most marginalised young people in Somerset a bespoke and more real experience of work than any other provision, while delivering measurable soft and hard outcomes for them combined with cross-cutting impact and legacy benefits across the community.


Woolly Mammals

Area: Glastonbury                           Start Date: September 2020                        End Date: May 2021

Building an iron age roundhouse, combining modern and traditional materials and building styles while providing opportunities for participants to contribute to the design and build process while earning AQA Unit Awards with a strong focus on transferrable skills to help towards filling the current skills gap in the Building and Construction industry.


Round 5:

Gold Seal

Area: Somerset                                Start Date: November 2020                         End Date: March 2021

We wish to offer a Covid-19 compliant, online Well Being & Skills Development programme for 16-24 year olds from Somerset, especially for participants from areas of depravation, in career, or requiring additional support. Our 12-week digital creative industry exploration initiative seeks to increase participant’s self-confidence; motivation, positive mental health & better identify progression routes linked to further education/employment opportunities.


On Your Bike

Area: Bridgwater                              Start Date: November 2020                         End Date: July 2021

‘Build a Bike’
This is a project for economically-inactive adults to develop personally and to increase employability. After advice and guidance to ensure the course is suitable, they will attend workshops where they will learn how to completely overhaul a bicycle, while working as part of a team and working to organisational standards.


Recro Consulting

Area: Bridgwater                              Start Date: November 2020                         End Date: July 2021

The Life You Want© is a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme building an understanding of how recruitment works and how to overcome personal barriers. It’s an intensive and life-changing course week 1: three days, week 2: four half days then 20 weeks recruitment support. Course supports claim commitments.