Petroc Go

Petroc Go offers students the chance to spend two weeks abroad gaining valuable training and work experience in a European country. Students taking part not only get to experience life overseas and face all the challenges and fun this can bring, but they return with more confidence and motivation, having acquired many life-skills that will set them apart in the job market.  

What will I get out of it?

  • Broaden your horizons
  • Gain maturity, independence and confidence
  • Develop communication, team working and problem-solving skills
  • Learn a language
  • Add something unique to your CV

Where does Petroc Go?

We currently partner with twelve European organisations to give opportunities to our students, from working as a mechanic in Barcelona to learning Forest School teaching techniques in the Swedish countryside or running fitness sessions in the Netherlands. In 2021 we are planning the following trips:

ActivityLocationNumber of students
Work experience in a winter sports resort Avoriaz, France 20
Work experience in automotive garages Barcelona, Spain 16
Work experience in business administration Barcelona, Spain 4
Work experience and learning of printing methods Berlin, Germany 15
Supported work experience for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities Huelva, Spain 8
Supported work experience for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities Katrineholm, Sweden 8
Supported work experience for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities (Mid Devon) Chinon, France 6
Sports and fitness coaching Netherlands, Zwolle and Amsterdam 20
Designing and evaluating an adventure holiday in the Swedish countryside and tour guiding in Stockholm Stockholm and Mora, Sweden 12
Forest School activities and outdoor learning, and work experience in schools and nurseries Stockholm and Mora, Sweden 30
Land-based habitat management and species surveying in the countryside Stockholm and Mora, Sweden 20
Work experience in hotel and restaurant kitchens Gothenburg, Sweden 8
Work experience in residential homes and wellbeing through outdoor activity Stockholm and Mora, Sweden 20
Tag Rugby coaching in schools Ramnicu Valcea and Bucharest, Romania 20
Work experience of underwater habitat surveying  in Maltese waters Gozo, Malta 10
Working as a teaching assistant in a Spanish school Seville, Spain 6

Petroc continues to follow the Governments advice regarding Covid-19 and overseas travel, this may affect the trips that we are able to offer.

How much does it cost?

Whilst participants are asked make a small contribution, the majority of costs are covered by funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, which aims to boost skills and employability across Europe. Over the last 5 years we have secured over 3 million Euros to offer students this fantastic opportunity making Petroc one of the biggest colleges in the country for this kind of activity. We have also just successfully bid for another Euros 520,000 that will allow us to provide these trips into 2022.

Further details

If students are able to join a Petroc Go trip then tutors will be speaking to you about it when you start at college. Unfortunately we don’t yet have funding to offer the experience to all students in all vocational areas, but we will continue to look for opportunities that will benefit our students.

In the meantime, if you have a question about Petroc Go, email  or for more information on Erasmus+ visit their website at