A-level student Nathaniel awarded prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

A Petroc A-level student has been awarded a prestigious scholarship which helps students to become the country’s future engineering leaders.

Nathaniel Skinner, 16, is one of only 425 students in the country to be awarded the Arkwright Scholarship and will benefit from work experience, university receptions, financial awards, an industry mentor and the opportunity to network within the sector.

The former Braunton Academy student, who is studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at the North Devon campus, said: “I’ve been considering a job in engineering for a while and this was a good way of getting experience.

“We had to complete an exam and go for an interview to show we’re interested in engineering. I performed well enough to get through. It was enjoyable but scary because it’s something I really wanted.”

Nick Moon, Arkwright Scholarships Trust’s South West and Channel Islands Liaison Officer, presented Nathaniel with his certificate.

“It’s a rigorous process – applicants had to complete a nine-page application form and then sit a two-hour written paper,” he said. “From 1,600 students, they are whittled down to around 400.

“We ask engineering companies to come in and pay the sponsorship. Students then get a mentor within the company. They will have access to university experience days and can talk to our alumni network of 3,500 people.”

TDK-Lambda have sponsored Nathaniel’s scholarship and will mentor him throughout his engineering journey.

General Manager Phil Scotcher said: “This is our third round of scholarships that we have run; the first have been through the process and are off to university. So it’s the start of what could be a long relationship.

“Arkwright provides what we are looking for in terms of building relationships with young people and encouraging them to take up STEM subjects, and finding the best of them to send them on to university and then maybe come back to us as a postgraduates.

“It’s our way of encouraging excellence and providing extra funds to support students to further their studies outside of college.”

 Left to right: Nick Moon, Nathanial Skinner, Phil Scotcher