Taking on an Apprentice

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with an accompanying assessment and skills development programme. It is a way for individuals to earn while they learn, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role.

Apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16, who spend at least 50% of their working hours in England and who are not in full-time education. Apprenticeship programmes typically last between 12 – 24 months, but depending on the level, they can last up to four years.

As well as being available in traditional trades such as hairdressing, car mechanics, engineering and construction, apprenticeships are also available in professional sectors such as accountancy, business, management, IT and marketing.

Apprentices must spend at least 20% of their time on off-the-job training. It is up to you, the employer, and Petroc to decide how the off-the-job training is delivered - it can include regular day release, block release, special training days or workshops, and can cover practical training such as shadowing, mentoring, and industry visits, all training must be relevant to the apprenticeship.

Apprentices can be new recruits or existing employees, and are a great way to develop new skills whilst boosting motivation and retention. 

How will an apprenticeship benefit your business?

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.  Apprenticeships can benefit your organisation by:

  • producing a highly qualified workforce
  • developing better-trained employees with the right skills
  • improving productivity
  • finding the next generation of managers/leaders
  • increasing motivated and loyal workers
  • enabling you to fill skill gaps
  • improving retention
  • reducing recruitment costs

Employers can offer apprenticeships to new employees, or use them to grow talent from among existing employees.

What commitment is required of you and your business?

In order to offer an apprenticeship, you must be able to:

  • provide a genuine job
  • offer an employment contract for the length of the apprenticeship
  • nominate a key contact or mentor for the learner
  • be commited to the development of the apprentice and help them gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to achieve the apprenticeship
  • meet the legal requirements of relevant legislation such as health and safety, prevent & safeguarding, equal opportunities and working time directive.
  • pay an apprentice’s wages appropriate for their age, for the time they are in work, in off-the-job training and doing further study
  • ensure an apprentice completes their apprenticeship and is able to demonstrate that they can perform tasks confidently and completely to the standard set by industry

 If you don’t think an apprenticeship is suitable for your business, why not consider a Traineeship? 

What are the salary expectations?

As an employer, you will set the wage for your apprentice at the start of the apprenticeship.

If an apprentice is aged between 16 -18 or older, and in the first year of their Apprenticeship, they must be paid at least £4.15 per hour. After this they are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for their age. To attract the right candidates their wage needs to be competitive and many employers also build in incentives to recognise achievement. Please click here for further information https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates

How can Petroc help?

At Petroc we are passionate about Apprenticeships.

We have built strong partnerships with hundreds of local Devon employers to secure fantastic placements for students on a wide range of apprenticeship programmes.

As part of our comprehensive support we can:

  • meet with you to outline your requirements
  • work with you to develop job descriptions and personal specifications
  • help manage the application process
  • pre-screen all candidates
  • support interview processes

To learn more about how we can help you find the perfect apprentice, contact the apprenticeships team today by calling 01271 852407 or by emailing business@petroc.ac.uk.