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Collaboration with Petroc

We are always keen to work with businesses to support the workforce of the future through mentoring, advisory groups and workshops. Take a look below to see how your organisation can get involved.

By discussing your business, economic, and technical needs, we can work with you to co-design and co-deliver our curriculum; ensuring that our training programmes provide the skills your industry needs - and deliver employable, skilled staff at all levels.

If we don’t currently provide the exact training your workforce requires, then we’ll work with you to devise a bespoke programme to meet your business needs. This could be in the form of a short professional development course or a longer-term qualification.

Mentoring is a hugely rewarding experience for both you and the learner. It will provide you with valuable insight into the next generation of industry employees, while the learner benefits from your expert knowledge and experience.

By joining our Employer Advisory Group, you’ll have the opportunity to directly influence our curriculum development for the benefit of both your industry sector, and your own business, by ensuring we focus on the future skill-needs oF your industry.

If you have interest or experience in joint bids for funded projects and accessing government funding to support skills development, please get in touch. Past examples include over 60 successful European Social Fund projects; Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programmes - developed to upskill employees within the local SME sector, including Innovation and Managing Change in a Post Covid-19 World; Equality & Diversity Good Practice with the Skills Funding Agency via the Equality Challenge Unit; and many others.

Here you’ll get the chance to educate and guide the workforce of the future; sharing your knowledge and experience, and explaining the available career options in your industry. We’ve already experienced great success with our industry-led STEM workshops, delivered via Petroc’s Virtual STE(A)M Centre.

If you have an existing or upcoming job vacancy, then we’ll work with you to find a perfect match among our pool of talented learners. They could be a student coming to the end of their vocational course - who displays the skills and maturity to add value to your business - or a non-vocational student with the requisite qualities and a great attitude. 

We’ll apply the same assessment and screening to our talent pool of Apprenticeship candidates; finding you an apprentice who meets your desired criteria, and we’ll then assist and guide you through the entire Apprenticeship process.

It wouldn’t be a truly collaborative partnership without continuous two-way feedback. We’ll actively encourage you to tell us what we’re doing right, and where we could improve.

To speak to the Business Engagement Team, please call 01271 852407 or email business@petroc.ac.uk.


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