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Our students are at the heart of everything we do, and as a student of Petroc, you automatically become a member of the Student Union.

The Petroc Student Union (or 'PSU'), is run by a committee of elected students with the sole aim of supporting fellow students with the many facets of college life and ensuring they have the best student experience possible.

There’s always something social going with the PSU including film screenings, inspirational talks, sports clubs, discussion groups, and much more! So, whether you want to keep up your hobbies, try something completely different or meet new friends, get in touch and get involved!

As a member of the PSU, you are also entitled to certain student discounts and benefits including those gained through the TOTUM card!

To find out more about the PSU, visit the Student Union Facebook page or email

Also, don't forget to keep up to date with everything PSU with The Vision - our student newsletter!

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Additional information

The Petroc Student Union is run by an Executive Committee of elected students who are here to implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice. Each student on the committee has a different role, but together with our members are a Union of Students where individuals connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences, and make change. Get to know them more by following their Instagram account @petrocstudentunion.

You can also become more involved in our community by acting as a Student Representative or Ambassador, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills and work in partnership with our staff teams. Being part of the Executive Committee is an excellent experience and will certainly help to enhance your CV. It is also a chance to get more involved with college life and make a difference for your fellow students.

There are elections to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee in September/October and in February/March each year – look out for posters and newsletters around college for more details.

The Vision is our monthly student newsletter which will keep you updated on college events, activities and essential information enabling you to make the most of your time at college, explore new interests and develop your personal skills. Take a look at past editions:

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