Madilyn Crocombe


Why did you choose to come to Petroc?
I decided to come to Petroc because I had already completed two years with the college doing the Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship and Level 3 and 5 CMI Leadership and Management and therefore I knew how supportive and helpful the teachers were. Initially, when I left school I decided to come to Petroc due to hearing good feedback from older friends that had studied at the college.

What made you pick this particular course?
The reason I chose to do the Foundation Degree in Business was because my teachers were so encouraging of me during my first two years with the college and so reassuring that the degree would be something I could accomplish which gave me the confidence to enrol. I was also working full time therefore I knew that doing the degree would also help me to further my knowledge within my workplace.

What have been the highlights?
The highlights of the degree for me have been watching a positive correlation of my grades since starting the degree till now. I could tell you which order I completed my assignments, just by looking at the grade.

What do you most enjoy about studying at Petroc?
My tutor organised for people who have set up their own businesses to come in and present to us their business model, what sparked their interest and how they started their business which was brilliant for us to listen to and was definitely something that I really enjoyed. I also really enjoyed meeting others on my course who share the same interests as me.

Did you undertake any work experience throughout your studies?
During the degree I was able to maintain my job that I have, which was helpful for me to be able to link real life scenarios to my studies. Upon completion of the degree, I hope to find a new position which brings the topics learnt through the degree into practice.

What’s the long-term plan?
My long-term plan would be to look for a new position for my career and once settled, consider looking for a managerial position to progress on to. I may also look at going travelling if the opportunity arises.

Any advice for someone thinking of choosing the same course as you?
I can honestly say that before doing the degree, I had no intentions of doing one, but now that I have finished I’m so pleased that I did and I have never looked back, the time flies! It’s brilliant to meet new people with the same interests and be able to learn so much which can lead you to so many different options in the future. My advice would be to work hard and take every opportunity that you are met with.


Foundation Degree in Business

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During the degree I was able to maintain my job that I have, which was helpful for me to be able to link real life scenarios to my studies.