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Personal Development Awards

Supporting you for a successful future in the working world.


As part of your Study Programme, you will be supported in developing six key areas of personal and employability behaviours to prepare you for a successful future in the working world.

As you complete various stages of your course, you will be encouraged to collect awards. These awards provide an excellent opportunity for you to track your own progress, identify any areas that require further attention, and focus on your own personal development.

If you gain all six, you'll receive your Passport to Employment which is a great way to evidence of your strengths to employers and universities.

Personal Development Awards
The awards

Being able to communicate confidently with others in a respectful way, using verbal, non-verbal, literacy and digital literacy skills is hugely important. These will enable you to build positive relationships at home, when studying or in the workplace.

Developing effective organisational skills so that you are on time, up to date with work and actively taking responsibility for your schedules, will enable you to get more out of your day and help you when you move on to further study or employment.

Resilience is about not giving up, particularly when things get really tough. This takes emotional strength, time and effort, persistence and good problem solving skills! Developing a growth mindset is a great way to support your resilience.

This award recognises the importance of valuing others, celebrating diversity and supporting equality and individual rights. It’s also about respecting the rules in your environment and community.

These skills look at your ability to reflect upon your progress and plan to improve, whether related to your personal behaviours and attitudes, or your course work. Having a growth mindset and being able to recognise that failing is a valuable opportunity to learn and develop is key.

This award recognises the actions you take to look after yourself and others to stay safe, both physically and mentally, in the real or online world.