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Local Skills Improvement Fund

The Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF) has been created by the government to enable us to work towards a brighter future in education and workforce development.

Designed to empower further education providers across our geographic area, the LSIF is the funding buffer we need to implement our part towards the Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs). Together, we're creating a workforce that's not just skilled but super-skilled, responding collectively to local priorities outlined in our LSIP.

Our mission aligns with the Skills for Jobs White Paper, ushering in a new era of skills. The LSIF invests wisely using the funds to create new workspaces and provide industry-led quality teaching and skills, ensuring we're the powerhouse that fuels the local labour market and beyond.

LSIFs bring significant financial opportunities. Over two financial years, Petroc has been able to secure part of this funding to create new courses and facilities to empower learners and businesses to utilise and enhance their skills.

We're not just addressing local skill needs; we're creating a sustainable approach that will forge an exciting future, particularly for learners at Levels 3 to 5.

The Local Skills Improvement Fund will:

  • Provide investment in new facilities and equipment.
  • Fund the delivery and development of new courses and curriculum.
  • Support excellence in college leadership, governance, and teaching.

If you want to find out more about the LSIF, please visit the government website.

The LSIF is not just a fund; it's a revolution, and you're invited to be a part of it. Let's build a legacy of skills, knowledge, and success! We can’t wait to share more exciting updates, events, and impact stories soon!

If you are a business and want to find out how we can support you or would like to book a space in one of our new facilities, get in touch at LSIF@petroc.ac.uk for more information.


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