Student Union

As a student of Petroc, you are automatically also a member of the Student Union.

The Union is run by students to support other students with all aspects of college life including events and clubs (such as film club, book club, sports clubs, debating society).

The Petroc Student Union, or 'PSU', is run by an Executive Commitee of elected students, commonly referred to as 'the Exec'. Each student on the commitee has a different role, but the whole team works together and meets at least once a week. Being part of the Executive is an excellent experience and will certainly help to improve your CV. It is also a chance to get more involved with college life and make a difference for your fellow students.

There are elections to fill vacancies on the Executive Commitee in September/October and in February/March - look out for posters and newsletters around college for more details! Visit the Student Union Facebook page or email to find out more!

Upcoming Student Events


Higher Education Summer School

A series of workshops held in the lifestyle building which are aimed at Access to HE (Higher Education) and prospective HE learners, to prepare for degree-level studies.