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Young Adult Carers are young people aged 16-24, who help care for a family member who has a disability, a long-term serious illness, or a substance misuse problem. The level of responsibility assumed by a young adult carer is often extensive and as such, it may impact on the education of the young person

Petroc believes that all young adult carers have the right to an education regardless of their commitment to providing care for a family member. Petroc is fully committed to helping young adult carers throughout their college experience and understands that looking after a loved one whilst studying can be challenging.

That's why Petroc will do all it can to support.


What support can Petroc offer?

  • Free and confidential information, advice and support.
  • Tutors that will support young adult carers to make sure they are on track to do well on their course.
  • Where possible, coursework and resources are made available online.
  • A quiet space to make urgent telephone calls home if needed.
  • Support from our Wellbeing Team.

Petroc recognises that nationally almost a third of young adult carers have dropped out of college because of their caring role, this is four times greater than the national average.  The college is committed to ensuring support is in place to assist young adult carers achieve their qualification, enabling them to progress to employment, higher levels of education and/or further training. In addition, Petroc works closely in partnership with young carers’ services, helping to ensure that young adult carers can access the support they may need.

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Additional information

Petroc is proud to be working with the Carers Federation to achieve the Quality Standard in Career Support accreditation. Working towards this quality standard accreditation has helped to raise further awareness, remove some barriers for carers and enhance appropriate procedures and policy across the College.

Petroc has a commitment to supporting young adult carers by:

  • Providing training and embedding this in ongoing professional development for all staff.
  • Keeping up to date with national and local developments and with legislation/guidance affecting young adult carers.
  • Ensuring that young adult carers know how to access information and support.
  • Utilising the learner induction period to promote a full understanding and acceptance of young adult carers to all learners.

For further information, please contact our Carer Leads Alice Whittley and Sarah Samuels at  wellbeing@petroc.ac.uk