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External Review Board

Petroc External Review board

The DfE Governance Guide (June 2022) recommends that the board should publish and maintain a summary of the outcomes of external governance reviews, and highlights from the associated action plan, on its organisation’s website.

Petroc invited the Education & Training Foundation (ETF) to undertake an external board review during the Spring Term of 2021 as part of a Pilot programme which was made available.

The Audit was undertaken over a number of days with a final report being issued in February 2021 which included a set of recommendations and priorities for the Board.

The conclusion of this review was that Petroc college demonstrates a good range of skills with expertise effectively spread all its structure of committees, that all governance documentation is in place and that that the Board has a strong and supportive culture with wide recognition of positive actions being taken by the Principal and his team.  It was stated that the Board has a positive impact on the effectiveness of Petroc.

An Action Plan was agreed and implemented during the 2021/22 academic year. It focused on the following areas:

  1. Reviewing governance processes around recruitment, training and evaluation of governors
  2. Review of meeting structures and reporting
  3. Developing opportunities for a stronger student voice at meetings

The next external board review is being planned for the spring term of 2024.

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