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Agreeing the strategic policy and overall direction at Petroc.

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The role, powers and responsibilities of the Governing Body derive from the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and the Instrument and Articles of Government. It is the role of the Governing Body to agree the strategic policy and overall direction and to hold the Management to account for performance. It is the role of the Principal to implement the agreed strategy and to manage the college's affairs.


The Governing Body is responsible for:

  • determining the educational character and mission of the College and for oversite of its activities;
  • setting targets for student retention and achievement (Success Rate targets);
  • monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the College's performance;
  • ensuring the solvency of the College and the safeguarding of the College's assets. In particular, the Governing Body must receive, at least termly, a report that reviews the College's financial position. At Petroc, there are monthly reports from October to July each year;
  • appointing, grading, suspending, dismissing and determining the pay and conditions of service of the Principal, the holders of Senior Posts (Deputy Principal and Director of Finance) and the Clerk to the Corporation;
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff (including approving the annual pay settlement, the rules and procedures relating to staff grievances, conduct, suspension, dismissal and appeals and, in certain cases, acting as the final court of appeal);
  • ensuring that the financial, planning and other management controls, including controls against fraud and theft, are appropriate and sufficient to safeguard public funds;
  • approving the appointment of external auditors and an internal audit service;
  • securing the efficient, economical and effective management of all the College's resources and expenditure, capital assets and equipment and staff, so that the investment of public funds in the College is not put at risk;
  • ensuring that appropriate financial considerations are taken into account at all stages in reaching decisions and in their execution;
  • planning and conducting the College's financial and academic affairs so that its total income is not less than sufficient, taking one year with another, to meet its total expenditure;
  • approving an annual budget at the start of each financial year;
  • determining tuition fees;
  • approving the student union's constitution and rules relating to the conduct of students;
  • monitoring and evaluating its own performance.

For more information, please get in touch with Joanna Boardman, Governance Advisor and Head of Executive Office Joanna.boardman@petroc.ac.uk 



This is an exciting time to be involved with Petroc. We continue to implement our Petroc 2025 Strategy ‘Excellence Through Learning’; the college is ambitious and strives to achieve excellence in all areas - including governance.

Petroc is passionate about raising the aspirations, knowledge and skills of individuals, communities and businesses in Devon and beyond and is recognised by Ofsted as a good provider of education and training.


Parent Governor Vacancy

Are you a parent/carer who is passionate about education and the future of our youth? Do you want to have a say in the strategic direction of the college, promoting high standards of educational achievement and ensuring our resources are used to maximum impact?

As a Parent Governor, you will have the opportunity to represent the views and thoughts of parents whilst collaborating with other governors and the College Executive. Your role will involve attending meetings in person in the evenings three times a year and two full-time strategy days throughout the academic year.

You will serve a term of office that corresponds to the length of your child’s enrolment at the college. This means that once your child leaves the college, your term as a parent/carer Governor will end.

Applications must be from parents or carers with children enrolled at the college or who will be from the start date of the term of service (September 2023). You will be asked to provide a declaration of interest and a brief curriculum vitae as part of the application process.

Applicants will  then be invited to the College to meet with the Chair of the Board and/or Governance Advisor to the Board, together with the Principal and CEO. The Search and Governance Committee will make a recommendation on the appointment to the Board for approval.

Final appointment to the Board does require the successful completion of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which you would be asked to complete upon any offer of appointment.

For further details please contact Joanna Boardman – Governance Advisor and Head of Executive Office at joanna.boardman@petroc.ac.uk


External Governor Vacancy

We are currently looking to expand our Board membership.

We especially welcome applications from engaging people who have experience in finance/audit or special educational needs currently. We also welcome applicants from local and regional stakeholders, employers, and community leaders. The roles are ideal for those with recent senior boardroom experience but are also suitable for those seeking to broaden their own experience by joining the Petroc Board and hold other roles than at a senior level.

We welcome and encourage applicants from all communities, diverse backgrounds and interests and operate an inclusive policy in respect of Board membership.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the head of the Executive Office and Governance Advisor, Joanna Boardman.


Here's what some of our current Board Members have to say about working with Petroc:

Pat Denham

Being a member of the governing body at Petroc is a privilege. Having the opportunity to inform and enhance future educational opportunities is an exciting challenge. The training and support have given me a greater understanding of the role of the governor. The governing body membership includes a wide range of people with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences, this ensures exciting discussion and appropriate challenges to further improve the learner experience.

Pat Denham Governor

Richard Bevan

The role on the board at Petroc has helped broaden my perspective on how other organisations operate along with the challenges of working in a different sector to my day job. It is also giving me a much broader view of how the region operates and how different organisations including education providers, local and county councils and employers work together to provide education services to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Petroc serves a unique area of the county that faces perhaps greater challenges than those areas focused around the M5 corridor, so I believe the work of the board and Petroc supports helping people in this area achieve their best potential and supports key Government initiatives such as the levelling up agenda.

Richard Bevan Governor